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  1. They only do a Women's one........at this time, but in the future who knows but its not even rumoured!
  2. I am definitely not American! Very much an Englishwoman!
  3. I don't see anything racist about this as I see watermelons of every colour in SL. It is not a racist comment in my opinion
  4. I have all the main bodies, Maitreya, Belleze x3, Slink x 2, TMP, Eve, Altamura free and others like Kimono which are not applicable here but in my opinion, the easiest to use and the one most designer's design for is The Maitreya Body. It is also far and above my favourite. Hope this helps. I am a blogger and have tried them all out in many different ways as well as mesh heads - of which LAQ is my favourite. Again it is all down to personal choice and I would suggest trying the demos for a while each one of the main three, Maitreya, Slinka and Belleza.
  5. erm Move? But seriously - Islands have had it good for sooo long and the best servers etc - bout time mainland got a perk!
  6. Well I think its fabulous, Mainland gets a hard push at times but honestly this is a good thing, There are many benefits to living on Mainland tbh and I've lived in the same place for over 7 years then I moved to an island. Didn't like the lag and moved just before this was announced and I'm overjoyed
  7. I love the DRD house from The Last Arcade. Fab pic
  8. Just tell her your too busy to sit about on skype nad not speak alot and when she wants to talk to you instead of having awkward and dull silences to call you. Im blunt too!
  9. I am a Blogger and 42 groups is seriously not enough, I get to keep one floating group for myself the rets are neccessary either land groups or blogging groupsnad now at last I can get a few more to myself YAYYYYYYY except for now I cant use it yet but I guess at some point it wil roll out fully to the older members who have been premium before this took place instead of the new ones that enroll because of this!
  10. IF LL allowed more groups to premium members I think just about everyone I know and at least all bloggers etc would sign up immediately - seems simple to me but how hard would it actually be to do LL?
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