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  1. I'm still looking for anyone whose interested in helping make a few images for me.
  2. Hello there, thanks for taking a look. I sure hope you can help me. I'm looking for someone to create advertisement textures for me and my products. I don't have a whole bunch, but sadly such work is out of my skill range. We can go over full details of what I need in the advertisements when we talk in person, but here are some descriptions of the style I'm interested in. Post ApocDegraded High TechHigh Tech mixed with SteampunkPure Hi TechThere is one thing I don't wish to do and that is to have the advertisements have a black background. I like my advertisements to have some color to them and to be a bit unique in the way they appear so they catch the eyes of my customers. Now the part I'm sure you're the most interested in. The pay. The last person to work for me I payed L$500 per texture. The price is, of course, negotiable. The longest part of the job will be creating the template. Once that's done it should be a piece of cake to swap in the different items and change the details a little bit. I can provide all of that information with ease. You can see my current set of advertisements here: Havoc's Bane Weapons If you're interested, want to discuss pricing, or anything like that please don't hesitate to send me an IM or drop me a Notecard. I look foreword to hearing from you talented folks out there.
  3. God that brings back memories. I was 14 and the Rhy'Din chat rooms were the first places I ever RP'd. I learned about RP from them and I've loved every moment of RP I'd had since my very first one. A decade and a half later I'm still RPing up a storm when I can. I stopped RPing in AOL chatrooms over a decade ago, thanks for brining those memories back. Makes me want to revive my old character from back then.
  4. I'm looking for someone who either already has, or is capable of, creating fast low displacement animations that look smooth and fluid. Animations will be extremely short in length, but possibly complex even in that short time. All animations would have to be Full Permissions, or at the very least Copy/Transfer. For more information and to discuss payment please contact me in world. I am willing to pay a fair price for whatever work is involved.
  5. I am looking to hire the following, pay is negotiable. 1) Texture Artist to create advertisments. I run a moderately successful business and try to put out new products. My current texture artis has vanished on me and I need to replace her. Anyone wanting to do this job will need to be able to duplicate/clone/or otherwise mimic the style currently being used. Examples can be found at my store here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/122015 I love the style of my store, the textures don't have to match exactly but they have to have the same feeling. If possible I would also like the same texture artist to be able to modify textures that go over the weapons. All of which are mesh. Since they're prefab weapons (I SUCK at building, seriously my prim cubes look deformed when I make them.) I don't have any of the maps, only the textures. If it's not possibly to modify those textures then so be it, but if it is I would hire to have it done. 2) I am also looking for an animation artist. I've searched SL until my fingers bled for good melee fighting animations and haven't found squat worth getting, or if it is worth it it doesn't have the proper permissions for me to use in my weapons. So I'd like a creative individual capable of creating lightning quick, clean, and enjoyable animations to be used in a variety of melee weapons. Like the textures this would be an ongoing job requiring different animations for different styles of weapons. You can contact me here, or in world and I will reply a.s.a.p. I'm usually on during the day and night so I should be able to talk with you right away in that time frame. Thank you and have a wonderful day.
  6. Looking to hire one to two individuals. I need an Animator to create custom animations/poses designed specifically for weapons. Poses for ranged weapons (guns, rifles, ect) and animations for melee weapons (slashing, punching, ect). If you have, or are interested in making, these types of animations please contact me in world. I also need a builder/texture artist to help design, build, and texture different items. Mostly melee weapons, blades, baseball bats, that sort of thing, but possibly other items as well as time goes by. To be honest I would prefer Mesh for the items, but I can live with prims/sculpties. Mesh would be much prefered so the .dae files could be sent to me and uploaded so the items are in my name (wouldn't want customers poking the creator when something doesn't work!) If you are interested, and capable, please contact me in world so we can discuss what I'm looking for and what you're looking to get paid for your hard work. I look foreword to hearing from some of you amazing folks.
  7. Hi there! I've begun construction on a new RP meter for SL and could use a bit of help. A bit about the meter. I'm basing the meter on two different things. The first, for the structure is Dungeons and Dragons, one of the best RP systems available. And a series of books by George RR Martin, the guy who wrote Game of Thrones, called the Wild Cards. I can tell you much more about the series if you're interested in helping. What I really need help with. I'm creative, but not artistic. I need help with the artistic department. Specifically I need help creating the website that players using the RP meter will be using and interacting with. A skill I lack completely. The catch, I can't pay. I'm hoping to find a volunteer who'se willing ot help me for the sake of RP and maybe as a tribute to their fandom of George RR Martin. Whatever your reason for wanting to help me out, I would greatly appreciate it if you did. If you do want to help, or want more information before deciding, please drop me a line in world. I'm posting a similar thread in the Wanted forum. Knives Sabretooth
  8. Alright not sure how to word this so I hope I'm not too confusing. I've begun work on creating my own RP meter for roleplayers in SL and I could use some serious help designing the website that players interact with while using the meter. I am far from artistic and could use someone with the knowledge and artistry to compliment my coding. A little information on the meter and what I'm hoping to happen with it. I'm basing the meter on two different things. The first is, what I consider, the best engine for RP, Dungeons and Dragons. The second is a series of books by George RR Martin, the guy who wrote Game of Thrones, called the Wild Cards. If you're familiar with the books, all the better, if not I can give you a general description. I have all the stuff for that figured out for the most part. I can discuss the meter in more detail with you if you're interested in helping me out. The catch and the reason most of you wont want to help. I can't pay. I'm looking for someone who's willing to do it because they love the concept and the idea behind it. Or just because you love George RR Martin and want to have your name stuck to a tribute to him. Either way if after all this you're interested in helping me please drop me an IM in world. I will be posting a similar thread in the Role Play topic. Knives Sabretooth
  9. To clarify a bit. It's not that there wont be any rules, of course there will be, but it wont be an encyclopedia of rules that dictates how your character in the sim breathes. The vast majority of the rules will be related to combat and how it interacts with the RP in the sim. My goal is to get a balance between rules, and freedom. I don't expect the sim to be super popular instantly, and I'm willing to put in the time and effort to make people want to stay at the sim and play.
  10. I could see the potential for some conflicts, but remember, no matter what anyone says they're still technically a human being under it all. Besides, conflict could lead to fun RP. As long as the conflict doesn't become OOC or personal. I like freedom and I want to give as much as I can to my players. The rules will be simple (RP wise anyways) with some enforced combat rules. Personally I was tired of RP sims with so many rules or a fixed RP story that you couldn't stray from. While I do plan to have some stories in the sim driven by myself and the management, I refuse to dictate RP to anyone. I can't stand it when and RP is forced on the entire community whether they want it or not.
  11. The bunker idea sounds fun and I might build a bunker under the city, but I know from past experiences with some now failed RP sims that a lot of people wouldn't go for that idea. I don't want my sim to be super popular, just would like it to be busy enough that there's always some RP going on no matter the time of day or night. Also the "super powers" is to help me with the DCS2 meter setup I'm working on. I want to break the meter away from the RP, meaning the meter will no longer display a race like current setups do, since technically everyone is human anyways. I want the meter to represent when fists and telekenesis fly and nothing else. I also like the idea of the malformed people being forced to live in the slums by the pristine people living in the mtropolis while the government watches over everyone. I think it will lead to a three way conflict and allow for a cohesive story to be written by the players. With the exception of the base story and a few large scale RP's by me I intend for the whole story to be entirely player driven.
  12. I forgot about Escape from New York/ L.A. I guess it's somewhat similar. Although as far as build plans go I plan on half of the sim looking like a modern metropolis while the other half looks like the worst kind of slum. Should make for great contrasting scenery and allow for good RP on both sides of the sim.
  13. I'm wanting to start my own RP sim. I'll buy the sim ect. But I'm curious about what you guys would think of this background for the sim. Basically I want to see if it would be worth me investing my time, and more importantly my money into a sim. The story: In 1989 when genetic engineering technology was still in it's infancy a firm known as A.R.C. (Applied Research Corporation) was working hard to develop a mutagenic virus designed to reinforce the human genome and force evolution on human beings. In March of 1993, after years of research and billions of dollars spent, the virus is stolen. Three months later there is a mysterious outbreak of an unknown pathogen in New York City, the virus was loose. Panic ensues and martial law is declared, the entire island of New York City is cordoned off and quarantined. In the aftermath of the initial outbreak the results of the virus are known. Some people were turned into hideous monsters, their deformities ranging from a simple skin color pigmentation change to sprouting eyes from every possible section of their skin. The deformities are varied and many, some look similar but none are ever the exact same. Other people experienced no outward change, but instead did evolve and become, in essence, super humans. Whether horribly mutated or not, everyone effected by the virus gained some kind of super human ability. Anything from shape shifting, to telepathy, telekinesis, to simple super strength or invulnerability. The powers are as varied as the people who now wield them. Now the year 2022 approaches and New York City is still cordoned off from the rest of the world, no one is allowed in or out but the government officials that are there to "protect" the citizens. On occasion someone who escaped the initial containment, or who is a second generation mutation, is found and brought to the island to "be with their own kind". You are one of these lucky, or not-so-lucky, escapee's who has been brought back to the island and dropped off to fend for yourself. Welcome to Nameless. Thoughts behind the story: I based this story off of a really good book series, without totally ripping it off. But I chose this premise because it allows anyone to have their avatar look any way they desire since their outward appearance is simply a result of the virus. Anyone can come to the sim looking like a full on furry, to a normal human being, to a drow, or demon, angel, whatever. The only catch is, no matter how you look or act you are still going to technically be human under it all. Now while everyone is technically human, as I said before, you don't have to ACT human. You could have a full blown demon AV and claim to be a demon from the eighth circle of hell for all that the story is concerned, but you would still technically be a mortal human, maybe really really freaking hard to kill, but age will get you sometime, maybe. That's the thing I love about this story, everyone can come and RP whatever they want because in the end, the virus did it. Now I will be using the DCS2 combat meter HOWEVER it will be OPTIONAL. I also plan to use the meter in a way that no one else has every used it, which should make even the skeptics a little less skeptical. The meter will only be purely about the combat in the sim. Meaning the meter will have NO BEARING ON RP whatsoever. I will however encourage RP fights, it's just that I personally like a fight to be fast, and my combat system will take more than just "button mashing" to win a fight. Now this will be a dark urban/post apoc RP and the sim build will reflect that. And while I'll be more than happy to rent out anything from apartments to full tiers, any builds have to fit the theme. But, I think that's all for now, what do you guys think?
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