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  1. this sounds as a great new but people, not let what the trees hide the forest and the stars hide the moon. This is a great advantage ,BUT is only for viewers with the technology of the SL 2.5 and above, then, the experimental viewers can be add this, Phoenix, of course (more popeist to the pope now "surprised with they", but Imprudence, was expecterd this long time back (amost a year, not know if the 1.3 can here directly, and was prepared for 99 groups (but the limitations of the servers not sow this until now, and now is moment for test, of course), and is logical guess what snowglobe can, and include Kirstens. But not more, ther rest, include SL.1.23.5 (the classic) not can why at the same of another options (as see the Internet pages in a primand similar) not are implemented in these viewers. I ever say "nice" what Lindenlabs added more things BUT only can see if you use a viewer ready ansd updated with these implementations, if not , impossible, this is the reality, and like or not exist a big true: LindenLabs make (or they say - we go to tust in these words) changes each week, but mostly of these changes wer not can see and some times "make troubles in the viewers" why thuis viewers not have inplemented this, then for they is needed a more fast update of the viewers and except Kirstens, ANY make these changes and updates in their viewers so fast (her sho usually each week a nwe version of their viewer, is more fast than the same Linden Labs and this is one of the reasons of why her make this. In the moment what the rest of the buiders make this, all can be happy but at themoment are ever limited and forced to see ever only a part and some times never see. Ever is good changes and advanced to be better, but ever have to look whit care and patience. and ever can make step back Linden Labs, beter is await a bit if go to be fixed or change again. Time to time and patience
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