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  1. Lack of available prims probably. WoH is using only a part of a Sim while Legacies and Mischief Managed are full Sims. That however says nothing about the quality of RP, which is something you would have to find out on your own. If you are used to do Forum RP, I could imagine that you are what we call a "Para-RPer", writing long paragraphs, expressing also feelings and mimic a lot, not just focusing on conversation. Some Sims expect this, others do not, others again would accept both. Some have special rules like that you are just allowed to talk one after another, which could lead to a situa
  2. Apart from the fact that one must not necessarily agree with you ( tastes are different).... you can hardly blame others for your lack of orientation. I remind you that Harry and Ron had issues to find the Transfiguration classroom, so if you want, a complex castle is canon. But as somoene who has been there a while I can tell you...you can have the greatest of RP at the ugliest places. Someone who thinks the look is the most importnat thing has no clue about the soul of RP, and mostly, has nothing to offer. Nothing.
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