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  1. Hello I would like to withdraw the money I earn in second life to my bank account.unfortunately paypal doesnt allow withdrawal yet in my country.my only option is to request a direct wire transfer and the process fees cost about15 usd and takes about 2 weeks.Is there any other way to get my money transfered to my account?
  2. I received an offline message from one of my friends on one of my alternate accounts but cant figure out which account it is because i've not been using these accounts for a long time and i think i even forgot the name of some of my old avs.. is there any way i can trace to which avatar it was sent?
  3. Hello I've been trying to make a wire transfer to send my lindens to my rl bank account. I need to fill in a request form and give details like iban, swift adress of my bank etc. I was able to provide all the info needed except one where i have to give the name of the contact person at the Bank My problem is i don't know whose name i should put exactly.there's a lot of persons working there :-/ I have a small business in sl and its getting frustrating not being able to remove the money. Can anyone help me please?
  4. I would like to withdraw money from sl to my rl account.i read that the only way was through a paypal transfer.my problem is payments are not yet allowed through paypal in my country. is there another way to withdraw my money?
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    Hi Please is there a way of hiding my profile picks but allowing only friends to see them?
  6. Hello I use firestorm viewer and usually most of the mesh items i buy rezz quite quickly but since a few days i noticed that they take a very long time to rezz. i tried relogging and deleting cache but it didn't solve the prob. is that a known issue?please can anybody help?
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