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  1. My girlfriend is looking for a good shoulder pet. We've seen some that are interactive and really like how they operate (generate responses when people talk to them in chat). But in that store we can't really find a style we like. We'd like to find a cat one but the ones we've found so far have been a little on the creepy side and not interactive. Any ideas?
  2. Does anyone know what causes a leg or other body parts to appear to wave when you zoom in close? I've seen it primarily on the legs but occasionally elsewhere. I don't wear physics and, while I do have physics enabled now, I saw it even when I had physics completely disabled. Any ideas?
  3. You can file an AR but I don't think LL actually does anything. I wrote a similar post about a year ago and despite the fact that it was just a "is there a way to report this" post and contained no personal info LL had the post removed, so don't be shocked if this one disappears as well. The best thing to do is if you know any RL information about this person to contact their local law enforcement. The person I was worried about a year ago never received any contact from LL regarding my attempt to contact them. I understand it could be hard for them or maybe even a liability. Basic accounts probably don't have a lot of contact information and, really, the only way they would be able to get my information is through my credit card.. And I don't think that my credit card would be able to give out that information. Having lived through a situation like that, I understand it's scary and you feel so helpless... But best thing you can do is give them some contact information for a suicide hotline in their country. Good luck.
  4. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: If they are taking boat loads of snapshots you can see that using pheonix tools Not necessarily. First of all you can silence your snapshots. I have mine silenced. I think it's kind of annoying to see in local chat every time I take a pic. Second, I highly doubt they would be saving to inventory if they were taking photos. They would be saving to the computer, which has never shown up with phoenix tools, even if they don't have silent snapshots enabled.
  5. When I went to that site, from what I can see you have to manually enter in the sim and coordinates you want for the in-world "view". That's why I said it didn't make much sense as far as the frequency of the bots occurrences. At least what I saw from the site it wasn't just randomly choosing a sim from the grid. The 360 view part makes sense but the rest of it I'm not so sure about.
  6. Sometimes this happens. You need to do a character test to fix it. It will restore your avatar to the default avatar and you will have to put on everything again, but after that you should rez.
  7. I've had issues with this in the past. I suggest combining both of the above suggestions. For me a character test has always solved the issue but doing it in a low lag sim would be best to ensure the best results. A lot of times it's just that something on your avatar is having issues and SL won't let anything else be put on your avatar until that issue is fixed. Another thing to do is clear cache. That will also help reset everything. So summary: Go to an empty/water sim Clear cache and relog Do an avatar character test That should fix the issue. If not, then it could be that whatever it is you are trying to attach has become corrupted.
  8. But what would be the point of the pictures? They weren't exactly landing in exciting areas. When they were on my land they would end up in the ocean as often as on land. The most likely that I've seen is Janelle's suggestion but then you end up asking yourself a couple questions. First, when someone enters the requested coordinates into that website would a bot then be dispatched to that location, do it's thing, and then send the images back to the website? Or does it have "stock" images for each sim that it just retrieves when a user enters coordinates? If it's the first, that's creepy. Really creepy. And really unrealistic. I'm pretty sure I got a visit from at least one of these bots a day at varying times of the day. The second option doesn't make much sense either. If the idea is to get a view in world... Which is what my understanding was of the site, then wouldn't stock images defeat the purpose? Only thing that would make sense is if the site were to claim the images were of that sim from the last 24 hours... Which, I suppose, would account for the high number of bots I saw... But it would require a lot of bots for every sim to be able to "see" the whole sim to give a reasonable screenshot for any such requested coordinates. I would think that if that were the case I would have seen even more bots than I did.
  9. I used to get these on my land as well. I was renting a full homestead sim at the time so there were no shops/commercial areas such that it would have found my place in search. My friends thought I was insane when I described them saying how could I know they were bots. But they were always the same. I'd get some repeat visitors but most of the time they were different avatars. They would come in a random spot on the land (sometimes in the ocean where I had nothing rezzed), rotate in regular intervals, and then poof. Most of them had little or nothing in their profiles and many (not all) were dressed in default avatars. The one thing they all had in common was the regular rotations. And if you would try speak to them they would never respond. I didn't know what they were up to either so I started banning them. After a little over a year I had about 30 of them on my ban list and I wasn't even on my sim that much. Oo So... No ideas, just saying I've had them too. They never SEEMED to cause any trouble.. But I just didn't know what they were doing so I thought it would be safer to ban them.
  10. They HAVE banned an entire group at least once that I know of... However, this was a huge group whose sole stated purpose was griefing and this was after years of dealing with the group the traditional way. I think this was the most extreme of circumstances. Only thing you can do right now is wash, rinse and repeat. If you don't talk to them, just keep banning and filing an AR they will either get bored or permabanned from SL, whichever comes first. Annoying, but it's all you can do, unfortunately. Some steps you could take is making the land group only or putting an age limit on it, but since you say it's a club that may not be practical. You CAN turn off scripts on the land or make them group only. That will probably help with the HUDs and such.
  11. This is not true at all. I have never downloaded anything illegally. I have SL friends who have offered to send me files of my favorite songs but I have refused them. However I am not so naive as to believe that just because I do not download material illegally that this will not affect me. This law would affect nearly everyone who uses the internet worldwide. My objections to this law are many. First, it is not going after the people who download illegally. This law is going after the people who make the paper that the fraudulent documents were printed on, so to speak. Some of you defending this law are not in the US. Let me explain one thing about US law. Our very founding principles are designed to err in favor of the chance of a criminal going free rather than impeding the rights of law abiding citizens. We would rather 100 criminals go free than one person unjustly imprisoned. Are there failures of this principle? Absolutely. And every single one is a tragic failure of the system. Not only is this law not what the American people want, but it is in violation of our constitution. There are countries that limit the freedoms of their citizens under the ideal of hopefully preventing crime. But in the US our constitution guarantees us the right to innocence until proven guilty. This law punishes people who are not the ones breaking the law and it limits the freedoms of all citizens, even those that are not and have never broken the law. The end result of this law is nothing more than blanket censorship... And as one person pointed out a clear case of "be careful what you ask for." If this law passes and takes effect, even those singing it's merits now will be asking themselves what they have done. I believe in paying for the rights to a song. And I do think more should be done to protect intellectual rights. However, this is not the answer. This law will not even come close to fixing the problem that they claim to be trying to fix. It is not even a bandaid for it. Wrong pew. Wrong church.
  12. The repeated threads issue was my reason for bringing up Wasted in the first place. However, like I said before, "Not at first." In the beginning Wasted had only a few threads about his pet issues. His views were unorthodox and he felt very passionate about them. Because of the unorthodox nature and even more because of his intense passion for the issue, he became subject to some pretty intense ridicule. People were filing ARs against him, not because he had actually violated the forum community guidelines, but because of his ideas. After awhile, people would simply AR him because he wrote something. This is not speculation. People openly admitted this. There were even entire threads devoted to discussing this. As soon as he tried to say something, anything, he was AR'd. It was only later, when he was desperately trying to get his views heard, that he began spamming with multiple threads all on the same topic. So, again, what Wasted became was not what he started out as. He started out as an eccentric poster, yes. But what he became was a creation of the forum.
  13. This is America. It goes against our very founding principles. The issue with this bill is that it is unconstitutional. If you want to live like that there are other countries to move to. Might I suggest Iran?
  14. That's the problem, though. Like people said it will do very little to actually stop copyright infringement. It's would be like the police going after the gun maker rather than the person who shot the gun. Besides that, it's not talking about taking down just the copyrighted material. It's talking about removing whole media sources. A few people put up a protected song on youtube or facebook and suddenly no one can put up the video of their child's first steps. They going after the people who provide the paper rather than the people who forge the documents, so to speak. THAT is the issue. People are not in an uproar about this because they would no longer be able to steal music.. (Well some are but that is not what this debate is centered around). They are upset because the results of this poorly worded law would result in blanket censorship. Someone said if you don't break the law you won't be affected. I assure you that is not the case. Every single person will be affected by this.
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