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  1. Dilbert Dilweg wrote: If they are taking boat loads of snapshots you can see that using pheonix tools Not necessarily. First of all you can silence your snapshots. I have mine silenced. I think it's kind of annoying to see in local chat every time I take a pic. Second, I highly doubt they would be saving to inventory if they were taking photos. They would be saving to the computer, which has never shown up with phoenix tools, even if they don't have silent snapshots enabled.
  2. When I went to that site, from what I can see you have to manually enter in the sim and coordinates you want for the in-world "view". That's why I said it didn't make much sense as far as the frequency of the bots occurrences. At least what I saw from the site it wasn't just randomly choosing a sim from the grid. The 360 view part makes sense but the rest of it I'm not so sure about.
  3. But what would be the point of the pictures? They weren't exactly landing in exciting areas. When they were on my land they would end up in the ocean as often as on land. The most likely that I've seen is Janelle's suggestion but then you end up asking yourself a couple questions. First, when someone enters the requested coordinates into that website would a bot then be dispatched to that location, do it's thing, and then send the images back to the website? Or does it have "stock" images for each sim that it just retrieves when a user enters coordinates? If it's the first, that's creepy. Real
  4. I used to get these on my land as well. I was renting a full homestead sim at the time so there were no shops/commercial areas such that it would have found my place in search. My friends thought I was insane when I described them saying how could I know they were bots. But they were always the same. I'd get some repeat visitors but most of the time they were different avatars. They would come in a random spot on the land (sometimes in the ocean where I had nothing rezzed), rotate in regular intervals, and then poof. Most of them had little or nothing in their profiles and many (not all) were
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