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  1. I keep getting SSL Handshake failed, when I ry to connect with youtube. I have tried everything including restarting my router a few times...
  2. How would I report a landlord?
  3. I was living in what I thought was the best place in SL. Flanagan's. After paying 3 weeks ahead ( Which I always do) I got married in Sl and decided to get a place with my new husband.. I clicked will not renew on my rental box and within the minute, the owner ejected me from the renters group. When I asked her why she ejected me, she told me I had broken the rules of the land by not having any prims on the property... I was in total shock..... I had no plans on leaving the house empty...Not after paying 3 weeks in advance. I told her I did not see that rule... to which she said " I am sick and tired of whinners" I was in tears as I realized that the placet I thought was a slice of heaven, was far from it. . . People make the difference. They can make or break a place. I asked her if I could get my money back but she refused to answer me... There has to be a balance. if the sim owners can screw anyone they want, this leaves the renter unprotected and vulnerable to people who will take advantage of them.. One who has total authority is very likely to abuse his position. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. No worries about cursing out the landlords or other. I try to wrap my brain around the situation by asking questions and ultimately internalize , which leaves me feeling very sad.
  4. When I try to log on, I get this failed sign that says updating friends list. I can log on with my alt but not the main avatar. Need help!
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