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  1. Hmm...I tried to refresh and got an error. Web 101 fail. The first thunbnail in this post is 1.8MB in size. The rest of the thumbnails is around .8MB to 1.5MB is size. This mean everyone that clicks the URL to this page will download around 10MB of data just to read this page. There is also six "404" images. Please keep in mind not everyone access SL with a 100Mb connection. :-)
  2. The Twisted Hunt is a good themed one. But better hurry up, it ends this month.
  3. While this was something that LL should have done years ago, this is welcomed progress. :-) Both phoenix and firestorm viewers will still support parcel windlight sence I have heard of no parcel windlight in LL roadmaps anywhere.
  4. There is also the client side AO that is highly recommended. Advantages -Does not take up sim script resources, so lower lag for you and everyone. -Better performance, smaller delay times, no lsl event lag -Unlimited memory. Have over 9000 different stands without any problem. -Extra attachment points now free -Works and can change in no-script zones. http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=client_ao
  5. Does that mean there will be tool to fix some of our problems? Like folders outside of My Inventory. I still have an open ticket on that. Or does that mean us basic users that don't like to risk getting our account mudered for missing a premioum payment are now left out in the cold with technicial issues?
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