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  1. You may not call this griefing, but I do not know where else to post it. I am part owner of the Jezebel's Jazz Club on Whanganui. Shortly after I purchased half of the land a person with the land in front of the club seaside put up two houses over the water one on top of the other blocking the view and raised the price for this small plot to $25,000 L knowing I would want the view for the club. Instead I put up trees and other landscape items to block what he did from my club. He then built a wall to the sky, and I tried to block that with a sky blue box. The neighbors complained and we both took them down. He has since lowered the price to 12,000L which is still ridiculous for a small plot. Now my neighbor on the east who I think is a friend of the other person has a small strip of land between two of my parcels. She has erected a large black box on it and put the land for sale for 27,200 L or 100L per sqm. The towers over the club and ruins the view. My question is about the legality. This is pure extortion. My land is now pretty much worthless with this huge black monolith towering over it blocking the view of the sea. There is no other reason to do this than to extort me. Any advice would be welcome. I am about to abandon the land and move the club elsewhere unless there is a solution.
  2. How can a venue get to be featured in "Featured News" on the log in screen?
  3. Thank you very much. I do not know how that happened ;-).
  4. i must have pressed the wrong keys because now I have a constant display on my screen rolling along telling me INFO: display_stats: FPS:14.90 and INFO: LLAppViwer : : idle: Transmitting sessions stats and so on. Can anyone tell me how to shit this off? This is not in chat and it is in a black box. Any help greatly appreciated.
  5. As a premium member I am told I have 512 land. How do I claim this? Do I just buy 512 on the mainland? This is supposed to be without a tier. What is the correct way to go about this? Thank you
  6. Raphael Treves


    How do you place an item on the marketplace for sale? Where is the page that allows this?
  7. What is Restrained Love Support in the Advanced Menu?
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