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  1. It looks to me that web merchandise sales is going to plateau. All data show one thing that SL has reached the top and begins to decline. LL should really start advertising before it is too late.
  2. It works fine on my 10.6.5 (iMac). So far no problem. I haven't really explored it much because I also got the latest Phoenix viewer installed.
  3. I am just curious. If display names only works in the regions where it is enabled, how could display names be searchable? Do we have to look for the wrench icon on the profile page every time after tp to a SIM in order to see if it is working?
  4. Viewer 2.2 is a huge improvement compared to the previous version. Script editor and script search finally work. But am I the only one who thinks that Search on viewer 2.2 is still broken? When we close the search window, we also lose the search result. This also happens after each TP. I thought this had been fixed long time ago. For thing remains like this, I just wonder how any business could survive if its name is not listed on the 1st page of the search window. Property lines look so weird on this new viewer now, I am not sure if this has something to do with the Mac graph card.
  5. Ha! I didn't realize it is the new feature of the latest simulator until now. Yes, avatar should be snapped back to where it was after crossing the sim boundary. I often found myself disorientated when the sim put me in some random location. Maybe this extrapolation of the agent's movement should be turned off from the viewer.
  6. Agree. I also find the lack of flexibility to link the product page to any item in the XSL box very unproductive. I used to manage items based on their version numbers on the object, now with product pages being locked to specific object name, what are we merchants supposed to do?
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