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  1. I had a second thought about user fees too because it only makes new merchants more difficult to start their business. As long as there is profit content theft would continue. The only way to stop them is make stealing more difficult and there may be something can be done on viewer/server code to improve how textures or mesh vertices are processed and stored locally, maybe via some kind of lossy compression algorithms, I don't know. However, I do hope that whatever new policy LL is thinking to implement they can do a user or merchant survey first.
  2. Class 5 private region for sale: Tranquil Isle at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tranquil%20Isle/128/128/25 Tier date: 8th Asking $400 obo (seller pays transfer fee), you may rename and move it somewhere you like. IM Machess Lemton in-world if interested.
  3. I also let MP deliver either vouchers or updaters to customers so customers have to rez them to receive the actual products from my in-world server. When I like to update a product, I replace it with the new one in my in-world server. The update will take effect immediately on all in-world vendors as well.
  4. Thank Dakota for making it possible. This is good news. For the past few months, I have made several refunds to the customers who paid twice for the same product. I have all the transaction records in my computer. Hope LL still keeps avatars' transaction records even that are over one month old. :matte-motes-wink:
  5. Almost every single day this week I had one customer told me they did not receive the product, and then today I had one customer left 1-star rating as review for not receiving the product within half hour and for having to pay twice. This is going to be messy.
  6. I have also been experiencing a weird problem with an empty Linden sea beginning yesterday. The sim keeps returning already-deleted objects to my lost and found folder and it has been doing that for straight 12 hours. For some reason the sim thinks I have objects in the sim but in fact I don't.
  7. I just downloaded 2.8 today and found it doesn't work on my one year old iMac at all. I can barely move! At least on 2.7.4 and 2.7.5 I can still run. Both Viewers 2.7.x and 2.8 give me very blurry textures unless I move the camera close to the objects, which is very annoying. When I switch to Firestorm, everything is back to normal.
  8. There was time that Viewer 2 used to be really good and I was thinking to adopt it until I downloaded the last several updates. Now I have to stick with Phoenix viewer.
  9. Is it just me or is this 2.7.x viewer not working right? Every time when I switch to SL viewer, most of the textures stay blurry and I have to move the camera really close to the objects in order to see them clearly, even on the latest 2.7.4 viewer that I just downloaded today! While on Phoenix viewer, everything works just fine.
  10. Is anyone having issue with HUD? My AO and other HUDs refuse to work on When I switch to Phoenix viewer, everything works just fine. Sigh~
  11. Number of avatars makes the most difference followed by number of active scripts. So avoid sim with clubs.
  12. Zhoie Zimermann wrote: Okay ready for the dumbest question of the year? Does anything think this MP situation will ever resolve itself and sales will eventually go back to normal? (crosses fingers) When LL stops messing with MP.:smileytongue: Back to the topic: I think it is time for LL to put back in-world and MP sale/economics data. Data like customer spending, transaction statistics etc should be open to the public. Isn't that people investing in SL should be treated like shareholders?
  13. The sentence "See product details for permissions info" under the permission section of the product page is too small to catch shoppers' attentions. LL should either high-light it or put it in boldface.
  14. I know multiple animations can be put on one single avatar with the possibility of using the latest animation to take over the old one, perhaps a script to load a finger relaxing animation might help? I am not sure if animation priority can be changed after uploaded. One of the boots I own forces my fingers to splay out, very annoying.
  15. I don't hate viewer 2 now, I just don't use it. It would be nice if v2 viewer could give us the option to use either web-based or SL style profile, could do both v1 and v2 style search like Phoenix viewer, and had a working script/notecard editor like pretty much every TPV.
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