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  1. Except that numbers are exponential and, although I am IN NO WAY a developer or coder, it seems they could change the line of code that keeps it at a 4 digit numerical code, into a 5 or 6 or 200 digit numerical code. Doesn't it? The bottom line is, My FIRST and LAST name works when I log in. So does hundreds of thousands of others. I don't see anything broken here except the good people of Linden Lab. I get a very strong feeling they are only failing to implement the return of last names to counter the huge influx of new alts that would invariably happen over night. They don't want any
  2. Here is Rod's latest update on this issue. rodvik.linden so I posted here http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Your-Avatar/Update-Last-Names-Roundtable/td-p/1409403 lets keep the chat here though. Feels better. He was referring to his page where not a lot of people were aware of a discussion going on. He says "Low key and direct feedback off the radar, I like that." Of course, then you only have 15 opinions instead of 1000's. Wait. This is better because..? If there are more mistakes being made by the Linden's it will remain "off the radar". Oh, gotcha. There apparently is the idea of havin
  3. Hey thanks for that link Irene! Kudos. :matte-motes-nerdy:
  4. Also, as far as when I mentioned taking a poll - I didn't mean bring back the ranking system. I was talking about a poll. For example, something like this: Would you like to see last names return to SL? ⃞ yes ⃞ no ⃞ I don't care. Would you like to see it return as it used to be or would you prefer to see an improvement such as mesh names, 3-D names, or some other alternative? ⃞ The same as it used to be, and bring them back ASAP! ⃞ Improvements welcome! Take your time!
  5. I absolutely agree that it seems "the powers that be" are concerned about looking bad or admitting fault. But - everyone already agrees it is bad, and they are at fault i.e. responsible for a terrible idea. That much is a concensus lol... But, like any good business reliant upon customers and customer service: When there is an obvious problem, you fix it and fix it QUICK. I have worked with the public, business matters and services offered my entire teen and adult life. In order to keep business going well and increasing, you can't sit back worrying about saving face when you're losing your
  6. I have to quote Ceka here in her comment that she's afraid they may "over butter the buscuit" - I'ts a last name. A simple thing. I really don't care - strike that - don't WANT some 3D rainbow glow-in-the-dark name that is annoying to see on the screen. Just a name. A normal last name. I mean, am I the only one wondering how 'extraordinary' the Linden's can make this? It's just a simple last name. I mean... mesh names? lol... Just bring back last names. If you come up with something genius later, work out the bugs first, maybe take a poll, then try it out. Forgive me but I am trying to se
  7. Breaking News?? At 10 minutes until February 13 2012, west coast America time, it's a solid TWO MONTHS since this post. Any *real* news yet? I am all ears.
  8. Well, what's her name? Maybe she will google herself and see this thread! :matte-motes-nerdy:
  9. Hi all, I hope I am posting this in the right area. I have a question about business ownership. I am being hired in a new business where part of my salary is ownership of 20% of the revenue. My question is, how do we add me as owner where I automatically obtain 20% of the revenue, and am able to see the accounting etc. There will be many areas on a sim where linden will potentially be paid. I understand permissions on land etc, but as far as individual items that customers will pay their linden into, is there a way to divide it percentage-wise? Is there some scripted system for sale or able to
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