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  1. RoE shut down a few months ago now. Have you checked out Midgar? The Final Fantasy VII RP sim?
  2. SLFFVII Midgar Chronicles is a Final Fantasy VII themed moderate urban/dieselpunk/cyberpunk roleplay sim looking for new roleplayers to join our thriving community. "Powered by eight giant mako reactors that were erected by the Shinra Electric Power Company, Midgar is known as the City of Mako. Rising 300 meters above ground level, the steel plates surrounding the Shinra Building offer comfortable residential districts for its well-heeled citizens. Below these plates, however, are the dark and derelict slums for the impoverished, and the threat of resistance is rising in the form of the eco-terrorist organization Avalanche." The roleplay spans across 2 conjoined sims (Midgar and City of Mako) and has ran continuously since its initial creation in November 2006, making it one of the longest running roleplay environments in Second Life. Midgar is not just a roleplay, it is a community, consisting of a in-world group of 1144 accounts, a discord group of just under 300 active users and an active website/forum/wiki full of content. Why should I join Midgar? Midgar is a versatile RP environment open to both slice of life casual roleplay and optional combative faction conflict RP. Whether you have pre-existing knowledge of Final Fantasy VII is irrelevant, as you can immerse yourself in a rich lore and backstory through in character exploration, interaction with a scripted SmartBot to get you up to spend or a detailed Wiki which covers all the backstory you want to know. Come and make new friends and explore our city environment as a citizen of Midgar, or join the conflict and deeper Fantasy plot, the choice is yours. Does Midgar require use of a HUD? Use of a roleplay tool to talk in character is required, and offered for free from our welcome hub, as is use of a Overhead Titler. If you choose to take part in combat situations, we utilize both freeform roleplay combat and a dice roll pen and paper combat engine similar to Dungeons and Dragons. MIDGAR IS CURRENTLY UNDERGOING A MAJOR BUILD PROJECT, AND THE SIM LOCATIONS/BUILDS WILL BE CHANGING OVER THE COMING WEEKS. Come check us out at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Midgar/131/156/3329
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