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  1. FWIW - It's many years to become a Master Key.
  2. There came a day in my life, which by all appearances, seemed to be just like any other ordinary day. But on this day, my entire world suddenly changed. A moment was all it took, just one extraordinaire moment when time ceased and I became forever lost in your majestic emerald green eyes. Words poured out of me, I could not contain my feelings. Words, I spoke through Ajax, my handsome, dashing pseudo avatar who on his own cannot articulate his feelings of love for you. The words he spoke, his poetic charm touched your heart and I, hidden from view, could only watch as you gazed into his eyes. I love you Erin, I will always love you. An eternity will pass and I will still love you.
  3. I found that when I joined SL, very few people would talk to me. It wasn't until I upgraded my avatar until I started accumulating friends. Maybe people want to know you're in the world and not just passing through.
  4. Perrie Juran wrote: Alicia Sautereau wrote: I think any interaction in sl is already speed dating ^^ Ain't that the truth. Let's see. 7:00 P.M. Log in. Wait for Avatar to Load. Clear Group Notices. 7:02 P.M. Check Friends List. Looks like a quiet night. 7:03 P.M. Decide to go to Club XXX. Put on appropriate outfit. 7:04 P.M. Zoom in on your Ava to make sure everything looks good. 7:05 P.M. Double check to make sure your naughty bits are hidden and Teleport. 7:06 P.M. Arrive at Club, wait for everything to rez. Try to say hello back in Public Chat to everyone who greeted you. 7:09 P.M. Begin camming around Club for hot looking Ava's. Find a few and start checking profiles. 7:11 P.M. Ask best looking prospect if they'd like to dance. They agree. 7:12 p.M. Rez dance balls and begin dancing and chatting. 7:15 P.M. Choose "Slow Dance #3," pulling your dance partner close and tell them how sexy they look. 7:20 P.M. Slide your hands down to your partners butt and "give a squeeze" 7:20 P.M. Dance partner responds favorably. 7:25 P.M. Suggest to dance partner they come with you to your home. Partner agrees. Offer Friendship. 7:26 P.M. Arrive at your home, add new friend to your security orb 7:27 p.M. Rez appropriate pose balls and send TP request to your new friend. 7:28 P.M. New friend arrives at your home. You wait patiently for them to rez. 7:29 P.M. Continue to flatter your new friend as you snuggle on couch with them. 7:31 P.M. Advance to kissing. Begin undressing new friend. 7:33 P.M. Suggest to friend you move to your bed. 7:34 P.M. Commence heavy pixel bumping. 7:47 P.M. Both announce that they have reached the moment of truth. 7:48 P.M. Commence heavy groaning. 7:50 P.M. Heavy groaning is completed. Switch to snuggle. 7:51 P.M. Tell each other how absolutely wonderful it was. 7:53 P.M. Confess un-dieing love for each other. 7:54 P.M. You new found friend announces her husband just came home and that she needs to go. 7:55 P.M. New friend logs out. 7:56 P.M. Shut down couch and bed, removing pose balls. 7:57 P.M. Put on a different outfit. 7:58 P.M. Delete new friend from your friends list, remove from security orb. 7:59 P.M. Return to Club, start all over again. Sounds about right...
  5. ...SL, the 100mb loads from a hard drive... in Texas Good thing I'm in Texas
  6. <quote> Your login name usually becomes the primary key for your account in the database. </quote> Actually, a random Integer is used as a primary key not a string. Using a string would hinder performance.
  7. Actually, the scenario was Anshe Chung (anshee.chung), so if the user open the profile he would see Anshee Chung and therefore could still be duped.
  8. The scenario you present can be exactly duplicated today with a Group title. Were you also against Group title’s for the same reason?
  9. Yes I agree. I think the main problem here is the opponents of Display Name’s really don't know very much about the implementation, this is probably because they have not read the documentation nor have they tried it for themselves. They just keep reinforcing each other’s fears and keep bring up the Linden’s name, which you are absolutely right about the TOS. I wonder why the REAL name’s of SL are not here complaining, like the SL grand winner herself Anshe Chung?
  10. The username is never hidden, it's always visible. Even when a user changes his display name. I really don't see an issue with display names. You are still your user name, think of display names as titler's, thats all they are really.
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