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  1. It is now almost a month since it was locked to almost all users, following a spamming attack. Also all links to it seem to have disappeared from official LL pages. It would be a shame if all those pages of useful content, developed by so many members of the community, are just left to be forgotten and become out of date. Could someone please tell us what Linden Lab's future policy is for the Wiki?
  2. Almost two weeks now. Come on LL, this is a valuable SL resource. When can we expect to see it opened up again? Also placing this post on the Second Life Grid Status page does not give confidence - it says 'Resolved'! [Resolved 12:01 AM PDT, 15 October 2014] The unscheduled maintenance to the Second Life wiki is currently still in progress. Please stay tuned to this blog for further updates.
  3. 3.7.17 is just 3.7.16 with a new login screen - did you have this problem with 3.7.16?
  4. Racheal Rexen wrote: Hello Ebbe, thanks for taking the time to answer ours questions, My question is if the Adult Community will have a place in the new Virtual world? I am not Ebbe, but he has previously said that he sees the new world having some sort of G/M/A system as it does now, and he sees the new world as having room for all sorts of communities.
  5. I have not experienced any of these problems, nor have my friends, suggesting that it may be a problem limited to you or a particular set of asset servers. The way to get this fixed is to file a Jira as the previous poster suggested.
  6. While my first love is J-pop I must admit that I love SNSD, U-Kiss (I still love 'Neverland' so much), Trouble Maker and the madness of Big Bang. I hope you enjoy the Block B concert.
  7. Buy an Nvidia 640 GPU card (not anything AMD as Nvidia generally supports Open GL better). It is cheap and will give you a good framerate. Note that this was posted using an Atom 1.6GHz single core machine using an old Nvidia Ion LE chip that runs SL OKish.
  8. Could you please raise an issue in the official Secondlife JIRA for this - it shouldn't happen with kit like that.
  9. This does seem to be an issue with Firestorm 4.6.5, but changing outfits does usually fix it.
  10. Just a reminder that SL runs great on an i5 CPU, it is the GPU that really gives you the eye candy.
  11. An excellent, open explanation from LL. This is a good sign from the new regime.
  12. Ebbe said SL was back an hour ago: https://twitter.com/ebbealtberg/status/468834593110388736. He has a lot to learn about when his staff tell him SL is back.
  13. What worries me a lot is that this problem was noticed first in Europe and late at night in East Asia. All software has problems but it is clear that LL didn't even have staff to update the Grid Status page until they turned up at the Lab this morning. Come on Ebbe, This is a worldwide software system, provide full support 24 hours.
  14. Looks like the region simulators are not talking. This problem has been bubbling for several hours (we noticed a login problem in Europe a while back) so I am hoping that the LL techies are doing a restart now they are at work.
  15. This is listed as MATBUG-252 on the JIRA and has been hanging around for almost a year now. It just needs someone to tweak the O-O code, but LL don't seem to have assigned anyone to it yet. Maybe if we raise enough bug reports for the same thing it might get looked at.
  16. WiFi is not a problem with SL, despite what some will tell you. It is the overall connection speed, which is often slower on WiFi versus hard connection to a router, that is the issue. In my experience SL will connect ok above 1Mbps, but naturally faster is better. I am currently in a busy bar with other internet users and the Wifi here always runs SL fine when I try it.
  17. I would suggest just leaving it for a hour and then logging back in. Clearing cache is unlikely to resolve problems like this.
  18. If the sim has gone because the owner did not pay tier (possible) - then my experience is that LL will restore the sim for a few days for you if you ask.
  19. You do realise that two thousand people have already cancelled their accounts out of disgust without even bothering to read the link :matte-motes-wink:
  20. You can access the windlight settings (which are specific enviroment settings) through World-> Environment settings - https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Viewerhelp:Environment_Settings. Unfortunately many of the most useful settings for fine tuning the viewer are hidden away as difficult to find Debug Settings. Many TPVs or viewer skins expose settings such as Depth of Field (see https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Depth_of_field), which may be what you need to affect the degree of sharpness of what to see. There is also an excellent, brief guide to all the various settings associated with Lighting and Shadows at http://community.secondlife.com/t5/English-Knowledge-Base/Lighting-and-shadows/ta-p/997819 .
  21. I have had problems in Australia - I use a free USA-based proxy server to overcome them.
  22. This is all part of a Linden Lab tradition. Just when you think they are getting their act together they shoot themselves in the foot.
  23. Jean Horten wrote: Yay, finally, link your SL to your RL. Uhm, be careful if you're something like a elementary school teacher in RL and a cruel BDSM master or worse in SL..... From what I remember the two may not be that dissimilar :matte-motes-wink:
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