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  1. normal rangle of script time is 1000 psu. I would lower its allowance to 750 and this should stop some of the cowardly griefer's weapon huds.
  2. yes agreed. Both these magnum regions restarted twice today
  3. In my personal opinion and some trouble shooting with process of ellimination, what alot of people are experiencing is GRIEFING by the use of illegal copybot viewers . these ilegal viewer users are in edit mode on an avatars attachments and sending data floods to it allocating all the avatars resounrsces and rendering lagg conditions and grey texturing. This is my own personal observation. Som cases may be the viewer bug , but when u have this on multiple viewers it is probably grifing and /or slow connection or not enough graphic card mememory. Most likely grifers in edit mode on an avatars attachments
  4. It is not only on Magnum regions-my opinion suggests It is random griefing on all channels. If you crash anywhere at anytime, Try logging into second life viewer ,not a 3rd party viewer, and you may see the same pinged out error message as you try to complete the log on process.. Hopefully the rare crash mode is fixed now.
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