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  1. Thanks Peggy and Faubio,

    I have tried everything that can be tried and yes all the textures are full perm. I double checked and tripled checked and rechecked that lol.

    This whole thing is super weird. In the 10 years I have been a modler this is the first time I have ever came across somthing like this. Just when you think you have seen it all along comes somthing you could have never thought of lol.


  2. Thanks Rygel..well what I did was unlink the entire building (again) lol. Then I rezzed a blank prim and made sure the perms on it were full perm.

    Then I linked 1 part of the building to that prim. Now the whole thing is mod/copy NO trans lol. It wont even let me give it away lol. This has me totaly stumped. I cant change the perms on it now. This has to be some kind of  new bug in  SL. I cant think of any other thing that would cause this.


  3. yeah I tried that lol I was thinking the same thing as you were but it didnt do a thing. What is even stranger is every object on this sim I built I can change the perms on the or what ever no problems at all like normal but when it comes to this one building the perms are locked to copy only and I looked to see if somehow I had locked the thing but it wasnt locked.


  4. I tried this and it didnt do a thing lol but ty for the reply. This really has me at a loss even when the building is unlinked I still cant change the perms on any peice of it. It is like the perms  on every single perm got locked on it somehow to copy only even the unscripted ones.


  5. I have been a builder in SL for a very long time and I know my stuff pretty well but this has me at a total loss and maybe someone knows the answer.

    I created a building  and I created every single peice of it. The textures and the scripting in it are full perm and so are the prims but when I go to reset the perms on this building they are "already" set to copy only and no mod or resell and I cant change them. This has me at a total loss. I have been thru every single peice of the building and all the perms are set like that for some weird reason and I cant change them but I can modify the parts. I cant even give away the thing now lol. Man this has me at a loss any ideas anyone?? I have never had this problem before ever. I even unlinked the thing and went thru every peice of it and I still cant change the perms. Man SL is a trip sometimes O_o

  6. I have the same problem but in a diffrent sort of way. Whenever I open up my Inventory window and someone on my friends list logs in or out everything in my inventory windows poofs and I have to click on reset filters to get it all to come back...it is driving me insane and this problem only started with the release of the newest Emerald viewer......I was wondering if anyone else was having this same problem?

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