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  1. Currently have 3 parcels for rent:

    1) 39104sqm 8950 prims ADULT 3X protected sailable waterfront ,  i own the whole sim very low lag/quite


    2) 12512sqm 2663 prims MODERATE Protected beach sailable waterfront beautiful quite sim 


    3) 10240sqm 2343 prims MODERATE Water/Sand Great for a store or Home


    Take a look and let me know if you have any questions. Weekly rental rates are very reasonble, contact me directly for a quote. Thanks you.

    Riley Aerallo


  2. 1/2 Sim for sale. Great spot for a business or home. Need a spot for the clan to hang out? This will work. Like to race cars or hoverboards? This would be a good spot. Like to ride or breed meeroos? Lots of room here. Want to build a skyscraper? You can do that here. You would like to start a club with Dj's 24/7? This is the spot to do that. Like to build flux capisitors? You can probably build two at a time here. Looking for something reasonably priced? $29998 for a road side protected half sim. Any questions don't hesitate to message me.

    Thank you

    Riley Aerallo


  3. 8000sqm 1831 prims sand/water Moderate

    4096sqm 937 prims Sim edge waterfront Adult

    4096sqm 937 prims Grass hillside Adult

    2048sqm 468 prims Grass hillside Adult 

    Great Pricing.  Contact me inworld for a LM or a personal showing.

    Thank you,

    Riley Aerallo


  4. I have 3 Adult mainland parcels for sale at the moment.

    4096sqm 937 prims - Sim edge waterfront sand/water  $46989

    4096sqm 937 prims - Grass hill top gorgeous views $27989

    2048sqm 468 prims-  Grass hill top gorgeous views $11989

    Contact me inworld for a LM or a personal showing. Any resonable offers will be considered.

    Thank you,

    Riley Aerallo




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