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  1. shockwave, Ll tends to see any private information liek that regardless of whether obtained in SL or not as a tos violation. in fact posts very similar to that were taken off the jira for the same reasons recently. Please kindly don't do it again. you actually hurt our point when doing that.
  2. funny youre the one that imed me first. I got the logs and screenshot to prove it.
  3. Well gee maddog, you seem upset that someone posted something from your facebook page here. Thats how allot of us feel every time our profiles here are twittered out or liked to facebook. And its allot harder to keep things from your facebook profile and your sl profile from matching then you might think. especially since apps will look at the ip addresses that clicked the like button compared to ip addresses that log into facebook, as well as key words on pages and facebook profiles, posts, etc to find links. Its very invasive and very annoying. however i do agree the posting of that i
  4. your request was closed. I just checked. the one that is open is wolfpups which makes it an option to dock it in the sidebar but doesnt make it mandatory part of it.
  5. clematide the sidebar WAS shot down at the viewer 2 meeting yesterday a meeting you werent out. Randi the cases cited about rapes were from people that DIDN't choose to use facebook, it was people that used facebook and myspace to find them.
  6. as long as youre logged in, you can manually enter the username of a hidden profile and access their profile. profiles hidden in search are not completely inaccessable on the web, only inaccessable to those not logged in. from there you can click the im option and it will bring up an im screen in world.
  7. format for the 2.4 and prvious profiles is http://world.secondlife.com/resident/(key) for example mine is http://world.secondlife.com/resident/4cb4951c-d4ad-48ad-97f0-3cc02de4c2e1 Same issues there, they recently added widgets you cant remove there either. AND you cant opt out of sharing without also removing from the inworld search. at least the rl tab wasnt automatically visible like these new ones were at first.
  8. Leal viewer 2.x profiles have always been web based. they were stored on world.secondlife.com
  9. When you get into the real world and start looking for a professional job and wind up not being able to get one, or being fired from one after something you put up on facebook or to a page linked to facebook, then you might understand randi. and more and more "blue collar" businesses are doing that too. Furthermore, if you've ever had a real stalker that likes to follow your every move then you would really not appreciate having your info shared about you without your permission. I was raped by a pair of men that used facebook and myspace to get information about me, pulling info off my mys
  10. Moving the "useless" build floater into teh sidebar was discussed at the viewer meeting and universally shot down by everyone at the meeting except one sole resident that suggested making it optional) on account that it would slow productivity of content creators who DO use that floater regularly. In fact, theres also a big push to get the appearance editing tools for clothing, shape, and skin pushed back OUT of the sidebar so that they will be more useful and no longer limited by the constraints of the sidebar floaters.
  11. Gavin could you please make a feature request with this please?
  12. Those were fixed for a bit, but yeah i noticed just looking at mine that groups i had hidden are showing again. Exisitng re-opened jira is web-3498
  13. melanie its in the friends tab..
  14. its not a non-existant certificate. it is a secrity certificate much like a cookie. youre web browser downloads it automatically (if its set up right).
  15. yeah bookmarking and "liking" peoples profiles. invasive much? Seriously it gave me the creaps when peopel started liking my sl profile page and i started seeing it as a recomendation in facebook. it REALLY was not cool!
  16. jaylin: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3378 vote! and spread the word!
  17. Ild really like web profiles much better if the twitter and facebook widgets were not forced on me. let me opt in to them if i want them or not. AND let me hide my profile without having to get out of search. it seems funny to me that there were over 70 votes to go off the new profiles before they went live and that only ONE of the three biggest concerns has been even responded too. https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3494 I also find it intresting how many people have come out against the facebook look, feel and widgets.
  18. Twitter and facebook arent optional. you cant remove the widgets. that's not optional. I find it creepy that people can link my sl profile page to twitter, can like it on face book (and have done so) and that then facebook shares it to others. thats NOT optional and not okay...
  19. I really really wish you didnt force the twitter and facebook linking on us. could you PLEASE make the widgets optional? PLEASE
  20. @ Lexxx I for one Have set up a virtual world before. nothing on the scale of SL and not alone, (but then the lidnens weren't alone either. I was one of the world designers that designed NWN worlds, GMed them, and more. its alot of work. second Jack didn't help set up SL. Jack was a policy maker. His policies hurt LL and SL every step of the way. My own real life job i do many of the things jack does. I'm effectively a manager. Within my department, I help set policies and enforce them. I set deployments, choose enforcements, assign shifts, choose projects, etc. If I behaved how Jack did
  21. I wish I could say sorry to see you go Jack. but I jsut can't. Not after all the times you misused your authroity, all the bad policies you are personally responisble for, for all the peopel you endangered with your half-assed implimentations, and backward policies. I will wish you good luck Jack. I jsut hope your replacement is a hell of a lot smarter and more ethical.
  22. Nasha that's a well known bug thats been there since before display names were brought to the main grid. there's several jira issues about it. Please find one that is still open, and vote for it so -maybe- LL -might- get off their butts and fix it.
  23. Juniper Ellisson please abide by the tos and community standards when using the forums. If you can't please get off them. We don't need your personal attacks and juvanile cussing. thank you.
  24. congratualtions for proving yourself a troll Ajax. I am gonna do EVERYTHING I can to make sure your constnat trolling in this and other forums is stopped. It is obvious you are a troll and here to cause drama but this discussion is for mature people of which you have proven you are not.
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