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  1. There are already ways in which the feds do this...
  2. All that is legally required there is that these users must identify themselves to LL. There is no need, reason, legal or wotherwise for the user's identity to be made public or otherwise have thier privacy invaded by anyone not LL until a court steps in. Thats why your ISP, Ebay, etc are not required to post your RL info for everyone to see. If a leggal question comes up, its relatively easy to get a courtt order from the provider for that information. As far as kids are conerned, the rules are a little differant there, but only in that either adults or kids should be identifyable as such f
  3. Unsubstantiated? I am using things you yourself have done, many of them within this particular blog. You stated here that you speak for those that support LL, you have spoken on the forums and blogs repeatedly you speak for all native americans in yet others you stated you spoke for all second life users. I don't belive that you can make these claims legitimately. You then turn around and make comments about other people making claims about speaking for groups needing to be moderated. you told people in this forum to "just shut up and do it," and in so doing were not only being abusive but
  4. Nany thank you time and time again for being living proof of the failure to properly moderate these forums. 1) you routinely claim to speak for large groups of people (even when your behavior and arguments go agaisnt the values of those same groups and those groups themselves state you do not speak for them) and yet turn around and claim that people that actually DO speak for groups of people or in some cases own the groups those people belong to don't. 2) you state that the forums need to protect people from being harrassed and insulted, and yet you have a track record of insulting people,
  5. "BUT Brooke Linden the User Group Leader of the Maturity User Group hand-picked the residents for her User Group and then the meeting was not open to everyone that wanted to attend. Brooke also told some residents that she will be putting some volunteer mechanism in place 'soon'." This is worrying. Not only is this why marketplace has continued to fail, but this is flying right against what the purpose of user groups was being touted as. Furthermore since this maturity group wasn't posted to the official usergroup list, is this even an official user group? If not then as a merchant, a
  6. "Don't think we'll need a helmet or waterproof mascara when we launch the new platform. Although, they could have come in handy while reading some of these blog comments. " I am hoping that comment means you're noticing the huge levels of frustration and anger of the community and that its time for LL to recognize what a few small teams within LL have already noticed... The time for bandaids and stickers is over. The time to say youre listening and not follow though is over. Oz and Q may come off as abrasive at times, and even seem pretty heavy handed but they do listen, and though it ta
  7. *facepaws* Fredrik we're talking about the notes on our OWN profile. PLEASE log into a 1.x based tvp sometime. Look at the profiles there. We have a notes tab on our OWN profile.
  8. Good to see youre incouraging people to sign up on facebook to follow secondlife. Since Second Life profiles are a explicitly listed violation of Facebook policy, and since most people do not want to link their RL to their facebook, following your page would be a great way to collect accounts in violation of Facebook policy. Several people have already pointed facebook's abuse team to this page BTW Facebook does have a policy of banning accounts that encourage others to violate the Facebook TOS. In fact they enforce it better then LL does LL's same policy regarding SL TOS. Since all but a
  9. 3) I believe this is still there burried in the advanced or debug menu but wont swear to it. 4a) um did you check to see if the fly button can be turned on with the right clicking the bottom bar? I wont swear to it but i think that is one of the optional buttons... if not, find or make a jira, im me inworld, I'll bring that to snowstorm's attention. 4b) right click the navication bar and check show coordinates 5) find me a jira on that, im me with it inworld, I'll happily bring it to snowstorms attention
  10. Fredrik: thank you for the progress. Its allot better, however it still doesn't adress the facebook and twitter widgets. please make them opt-in only. Also please make the web selection apply to world.secondlife.com as well. I realize world is old, but it would make allot of us happier. Also if our profile didnt even show our name when we select don't show my profile on the web (or show only to those logged in if that is an upcoming setting) that would be awesome. Still, I'm glad to see you finally were listening and did act on some of our feedback. Its a great start...
  11. It looks liek it would be on the web with the other profile editing tools.
  12. Tahts the point, the stuff was on alts, and still got linked. why? because of the like button which in turn relayed stuff to facebook and those pretty little apps. as far as citations for people losing job becuase fo things posted or linked to facebook heres just a few: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2010/07/26/fired-over-facebook-posts_n_659170.html#s117689&title=undefined http://www.associatedcontent.com/article/353378/i_lost_my_job_because_of_facebook.html?cat=31 http://www.charlotteobserver.com/2010/05/17/1440447/facebook-post-costs-waitress-her.html http://www.thebostonchannel.c
  13. Thats happened with privacy setting maxed.
  14. Spot on? Are you joking or just hopelessly naive? is one of the first things most employers look at when you apply for a job. If youre SL is linked in any way to your facebook an employer wont touch you. if you have a job already allot fo companies will fire you for it. especially if you have a very consienscious employer or you work for a government agency. And yes even if you have a SL facebook profile it can still get linked to your rl one too. and thats exactly what these aps are doing...
  15. oh you dont think so? tell that to the people that HAVE lost their jobs becuase of what got linked to thier facebook accounts...
  16. If facebook was an honest company and did it the way that myspace widgets did, then yes. unfrotuneately (and please see links posted elsewhere on this forum and in relevant jiras for proof) they dont. when a page gets liked dataminers add that page's info to facebook, that page then can get linked into facebook search (the way my profiles have). theres programs in facebooks servers and 3rd party apps google and various other places that then go and mine through info looking for similarties in ip addresses of those that visit the page, pictures, words, phrases, even mispellings. in most case
  17. of course if someone else likes you your accounts will be linked anyways. but then you still don't understand that do you?
  18. pretending no, knowing it did yes. and they couldnt have jsut ditched v2 not with how many millions they spent on it. I don't like the sidebar either but some people actually do. regardless, the point is that yes snowstorm DID listen about making the floaters come off and dock. I know cause i was at some of the discussions that took place about it. I was one of the testers that gave feedback about it. And its possible that there may someday be an option to turn off the sidebar. Theres still allot of resistance to that but that resistance has worn down considerably so i have hope. All t
  19. Spot on observations. Another thing that should be pointed out: many of those that "complain" here most are the same ones that volunteer our time trying to improve SL. on this blog aricle alone, in the comments there are at least 4 active members of Snowstorm team here including myself that have comeented to this post. (I'm a tester and do allot of feature concepts the other three I recognize are programers that have between them probably at least 600 features and bug fixes between them.) Ive seen two former Lindens posting here. People that worked hard to make SL a better place durring
  20. Hello rod, I'm sorry your alt got outted like that, but I hope you don't decide to just delete it. It can be a very useful tool for a linden to have a known public alt. I would like to point out something quickly though. the fact is that fredrik isn't making changes based on our feedback. he's ignored the two most requested things. to be able to remove the widgets from our profiles and to be able to have our profiles seen and searched in world without being seen on the web, even to just logged in accounts. If you would like to understand this issue better feel free to im me, or to look a
  21. since i dont see an agenda link anywhere i want to bring up four things: 1) usernames should not be causing stuff to get rated adult thats not 2) there needs to be an abuse report link on marrketplace for items that are copybotted, dangerous, or break the tos 3) better tools for properly updating/removing/whatever items 4) fixing gifting
  22. one more thing. why was this posted to the forums instead of the blogs where you know... people would have seen it?
  23. Brooke, why don't you all do us a favor, and admit Marketplace is borked beyond repair and start over? I went from having 2-3 sales a week on xstreet to 2-3 a month in parketplace when it first opened to none now because my products (all listed under an alt) are ALL incorrectly flagged because of your hidden crazy filtering scheme. Transaction id numbers still dont match, nor does the idiotic half measure you attemped to put in in its stead. You want to help merchants, then why not join one of the groups in world and listen to what merchants have to say? or better yet join in the push ive b
  24. Ceera there is so a check for show in search in the 2.x viewers. its under privacy. its always been there. Problem is now with the new profiles is they still show parts of your profile even if you uncheck this. along with a big join button, your avi picture, and "Join Second Life to see this profile" message. a new jira to get this latest idioticy removed is https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3600 please vote it up! dont forget all the other jiras posted above either!
  25. Jiras for voting against facebook and twitter widgets: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3494 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3378 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3543 Jiras against public web profiles: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/WEB-3377 https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/VWR-24465 Add your votes and your comments please!
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