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  1. When coulod we start to see some results to this issue. I have asked questions received I do not knows. I had land set up to help me but either it is constantly updated so I can't use it or my time has ran out so I can't get there. This is starting to become some major crap. I pay monthly money for SL. I contribute constantly to SL with my merchandise sales on MP. I do my part. I do not cause trouble or issues. I rarely ever **bleep** or complain yet you all can not answer a simple question of how many objects in a flippin prim. You all coded it answer the question. I am getting no help, no answer and I can hardly do what I need to do. My inventory is crowded because I can not ad items to my organzier. I paid a tremendous amount of money for something that I CAN NOT USE AND I AM NOT GETTING ASSISTANCE WITH. FIX IT or GIVE ANSWERS! I am sick and tired of being put off. I know I am NOT the only one. If the person TJ Linden is going to be off work then give my case to someone in case there are issues to assist me. My GOD your Customer Service SUCKS! And I am beyond frustrated and PISSED. It is not Christmas season and I am struggling to meet demands from my customers. This is on going what 3-4 weeks now? This is not how to run a business. I know for a fact the answers are not that difficult. I did EVERYTHING suggested IT DID NOT FIX THE ISSUE. My other organizer works without issue. I dropped my items down to the highest level in my other organizer and it still doesn't work. PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  2. TJ Linden finally replied to me today. This is what he said "I do not have the new limit available to give you, but you should be able to meet it by splitting the contents of one of your objects in half (multiple times if needed) until it no longer generates the error. Going forward, any object exceeding the limits should give you an immediate error." This is unacceptable. We should not have to figure out how many items per prim. LL should have that info in their coding and be able to provide this to us. I did take it upon myself to go the land set aside for this issue and check my prims. Though each prim is under 1k it appears from my other organizer 750 items will suffice. I am unable to use this land until the update is rollback again. I am really disappointed with LL. This should be a huge priority. I can not imagine how many people this affects that are NOT speaking up. On top of that. If prior to the rollback the number was 10k per prims going under 1k is an extrodinary difference. Not to have the answers to provide, and making such a HUGE cut back and not give any notification prior to this happening is a lack of communication that is once again unacceptable. We are in the 2nd week or so of this situation and there has been few steps in correcting this matter. Very frustrating!
  3. I received an email from TJ Linden. He set up an area where I could open my organizer. I opened it. I thinned it out. I took it back to my land and it did the same thing. The second step I took it back and transfered ALL of my textures into a new organizer. I took it home. Set it up. Same thing. I am really frustrated. Plus I have yet to have a response from the email I sent back reporting all this. This took me well over 10 hours to do. My question is how many items are now permitted in a link? And why were we not told this long before this went live? That really irks me. Lindens could have saved all this maddness by a bit of communication warning of us what is to come. My tim e is just as valuable as theirs. 10 hours in SL working on this is way above and beyond ridiculous! I now have it limited to under 1k per prim in my organizer. It would be very appreciated to have some feedback from LL.
  4. I had hoped the scams would settle down now that Mesh was out and you can not put it in your own name. It seems it has only gotten worse. I just got scammed myself on clothing products. Thank goodness not nearly as bad only 499L but I looked at the pictures and saw what I wanted in a bundled sale and purchased mostly empty boxes and what was there was all stolen. It seems it is only getting worse which leads me to think LL is not doing a thing about it.
  5. This is the most stupid conversation ever. TOS on sculpts are the same as Textures. Sitting here arguing the point is needless. It is pathetic that there are small minded self centered people in SL that there HAS to be a TOS on everything. Shouldnt need to spell it out to every two bit loser that wants to manipulate the system due to their own greed. Reselling FP is STEALING! Why is this a constant issue??????? You dont go to a store in RL and pick something up without paying for it. Why do people think you can do this in SL or any virtual reality place is beyond me. I DO NOT MAKE full perm items due to the fact I am incapable of it. I appreciate the fact that there are those that can do this. I do NOT appreciate the few that make this a constant issue and end up hurting others like ME! This constant subject just blows my mind. If you create open source then thank you much appreciated. I personally will treat you like everyone else and not sell or give away your products FP.
  6. I have actually gone through this. Call the number and when you get someone on the line email them a copy of your birth certificate or whatever you have. If you are on the phone they will receive it and should reinstate you immediately
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