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  1. When coulod we start to see some results to this issue. I have asked questions received I do not knows. I had land set up to help me but either it is constantly updated so I can't use it or my time has ran out so I can't get there. This is starting to become some major crap. I pay monthly money for SL. I contribute constantly to SL with my merchandise sales on MP. I do my part. I do not cause trouble or issues. I rarely ever **bleep** or complain yet you all can not answer a simple question of how many objects in a flippin prim. You all coded it answer the question. I am getting no help, no a
  2. TJ Linden finally replied to me today. This is what he said "I do not have the new limit available to give you, but you should be able to meet it by splitting the contents of one of your objects in half (multiple times if needed) until it no longer generates the error. Going forward, any object exceeding the limits should give you an immediate error." This is unacceptable. We should not have to figure out how many items per prim. LL should have that info in their coding and be able to provide this to us. I did take it upon myself to go the land set aside for this issue and check my prims. T
  3. I received an email from TJ Linden. He set up an area where I could open my organizer. I opened it. I thinned it out. I took it back to my land and it did the same thing. The second step I took it back and transfered ALL of my textures into a new organizer. I took it home. Set it up. Same thing. I am really frustrated. Plus I have yet to have a response from the email I sent back reporting all this. This took me well over 10 hours to do. My question is how many items are now permitted in a link? And why were we not told this long before this went live? That really irks me. Lindens could have
  4. I had hoped the scams would settle down now that Mesh was out and you can not put it in your own name. It seems it has only gotten worse. I just got scammed myself on clothing products. Thank goodness not nearly as bad only 499L but I looked at the pictures and saw what I wanted in a bundled sale and purchased mostly empty boxes and what was there was all stolen. It seems it is only getting worse which leads me to think LL is not doing a thing about it.
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