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  1. Thank You all who gave great advice. I will put it it practice. I am now wondering how do you lock this discussion. I wont be replying or following since I got what I needed from it. Take care!
  2. no, just no. thought it was common sense. I really don't feel like explaining.
  3. not really. I just dont have the energy. ill leave it at that
  4. I am not eliminating them, they are everywhere and i do make friends with them. I just want more people my age because we can relate better is all.
  5. I would have never thought of this. Great idea!
  6. thank, ill try to find more groups of people that have the same interests as me. Last time i looked in the group tab I had no luck. will try again
  7. OMG, i can relate to the first paragraph. I am stuck in a loop. I do want to start making clothes. Too many types of clothing I can't find in SL. Too many clothing designs are the same. I have ideas in my head but don't know where to begin. I have alts but you are right, its not the same. Even welcome areas aren't as crowded as they were back then 😒 I literally go to random places. Nature sims, rp sims, i do go to exhibitions, various types of clubs (the rare ones that play world music and music of my culture i like best), church etc. Thank you, no need to apologize. all is good. I will find what i seek, I always do. its just a bit harder now since it seems most people on sl are old enough to be my parents and grandparents. I just wish i can find that 'go to' spot i can go and hang out with my own peers.
  8. Yes, this is what happened. The random frineding is "not allowed" now it seems but with those random friends I always had someone to hangout with and it was fun. I miss it!
  9. thank you I made more friends since changing my profile. It works!
  10. I feel personally attacked by you. Maybe its the way you wrote the message. I am an introvert in rl. sl help me to socialize a bit better, since its easier to chat behind a computer. Not too much though, as it is exhausting and i get annoyed. I changed my profile a like a week ago because it was not inviting enough. Now you are telling me its not interesting enough. If you don't have any advice, you should have never commented. I really don't need your negativity. You don't know me, so don't act like you have an idea based off of one post and reading my profile. If someone reads my profile in-world and wants to know the answers to those questions, that is what IM's are for.
  11. I do, I went to a grand opening 2 days ago and made friends with owner and his partner. They were really sweet. I travel to various places around the grid and still dont make outgoing friends as fast as i did way back when. Im not giving up though.
  12. It seems I am having a hard time making meaningful romantic relationships and friendships now then I did in 2008. A few reasons I think are: 1. There were more people my age I could relate to. Due to schools high schools and colleges being in SL at the time. It use to be smooth sailing, now it seems I have to try extra hard. 2. Population decreased a lot since then. 3. I am an introvert. I usually wait until people message me. I am doing my best change that though. 4. SL seems more strict now than it was back then. 5. The clubs and LM's I use to frequent don't exist anymore with people of the same culture as me. I have yet to find some favorite places. 6. Most of the guys that are left over just come off as gross (I know not all in sl are like that obviously). There were always perverts in sl but now it seems worse. My block list is long due to trash and sexual harassers IMing me. I use to be able to hangout with men that were fun, made great conversation, were actually funny, helpful ect. Now not so much... I explore and go to various places, which are mostly empty. I eventually get bored and log out. Many of my old friends don't log on anymore. Even though I don't log in as much as I use to, when i do log in its lonely. It just doesn't feel the same. Even though I only been active for 3 of the 10 years my avi as existed, it's been a disappointment coming back to something that I thought would be a more advanced SL (Mesh is great and all but I was expecting more). I came back in 2016 after a 7+ year break, then been on and off since then. Hope I made sense... Any advice will be great, Thank You
  13. Hello All!!! My name is Lyn Waffle. This is my second Avi I made since joining SL in 2008, since the name was easier to remember. I took a 7+ year break and came back in late 2017. As most who come back after a long hiatus I found myself alone. Everyone I have made friends with way back when I was new don't log in anymore. I also noticed that SL's population had decreased since then. At times I do feel alone. It's just not the same anymore. I had to relearn everything but luckily I was asking a bunch of strangers and they have helped me and took the time out to explain what mesh was. It's not easy for me to make friends because I an an introvert in rl. I was diagnosed with an adjustment disorder in rl. Even though I have made a handful since coming back in 2017, it's not nearly as much when I first signed on back in '08. My all time favorite type of music is Cinematic Orchestral. I like watching anime. I play games in FB gameroom but wish I had a gaming console. The last gaming console I had was PS1. I am age 28, my favorite fruit is the mango. I am indigenous Jamaican but currently live in Michigan, USA. I feel i have tried everything in sl. What I have tried: Skydiving, boat riding, being a stripper (I haven't tried being an escort and most likely won't), skiing, parachuting, bus riding, being packed in a car with a bunch of friends driving recklessly around in sims that allowed it, dancing at random clubs that played random music, being a host, manager for a club, jet pack racing, went on dates, got married twice (but both men were from cultures where it's okay to abuse women so, I divorced and blocked them.), they marriages lasted less than a week each, lol. It would be nice to have that special someone in world to hangout with sometimes but I am taking a bit of a break now. Plus I don't want to feel smothered every time I log-in. That's all i can remember right now. I am currently trying RPing for the first time, in general and as a fae, but the sim is empty most of the time (so what the point really ?). I am part of a ChickMob group where us women go to random clubs and dance in sync with each other. They have a male group too called Roosters i believe. I also like dressing up and looking pretty. Sometimes I don't log in for long periods of time due to boredom or loneliness but if something interest me I may be more consistent. I log in at random times throughout the day as well. I want to recaptured that spark I had when I first joined sl and have the same amounts fun I had back then. Hopefully, meeting people though this forum will help with that. Out of all the time I have been a part of sl I never came to the forums. This is quite useful. Anyways, feel free to add me. Just tell me where you are from so I am not confused, lol. My memory isn't so great. Thank you! P.S. What is the family thing people keep mentioning? and How do I become a part of it? That's something I haven't tried yet.
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