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  1. I do not browse the forums often, but yes there should be a way to filter out the escort spam. I only have RIC'ed one of the spammers once, but hopefully they can figure out where the majority of these spams are coming from and then entirely IP block/ban them from getting on the forums or logging into SL. I have no idea how this would work out, the only other choice is to block out people from making new threads if they don't have a certain amount of posts, and the person must have the posts approved by a moderator, and once they reach that certain number of posts they will no longer have to have a moderator approving the posts. Anyways, spambots ANYWHERE are annoying, and I hope they can fix it.
  2. Hahahah, thank you or the laugh. You accepted, oops, but it had a funny outcome that served as amusement. Sorry to hear that happened, though... but still funny.
  3. I suggest you get out of the relationship right now, and make it so the person cannot see you come on SL. It can be very,very dangerous, especially for those types of people that are stalking other people for the sake of trying to keep tabs on where they are or who they are with. If your partner and you have nothing to hide, then there should be no need of that. Seems like she has a guilty conscience and is probably doing something behind your back. People often want to keep tabs on people because they dont want their partner to know they are cheating on them, so they try and keep tabs on where they are and what they are doing so the partner does NOT find out. It's common in the real world and on SL, but also, if she is using Redzone or another illegal program, report her to LL so she may be properly punished for breaking TOS.
  4. I find it amazing still how the Voyager can be so far away, yet relay information from that far off. It will be amzing if she can still relay information to earth through interstellar space. Cheers!
  5. I choose to live a virtual life to escape the mundane, and also to escape life. I am well behaved and I have friends in real life, but I live a virtual life because my family is quite colorful, I've been through a lot, some of it most 18 year olds don't go through. Also, my town is quite boring, I've seen everything there is to see. With Second Life, there are new places around all the time, and it never gets mundane or boring.
  6. Nacy, I don't trust people that easily AT ALL. I actually can be conidered an all-out recluse in rea life, since in school, I keep to myself. I don't like putting myself in a position where I'll be used just for whatever reason. And also, I don't need to be told what to do, I know PLENTY about life, and what I should and should not do. You may be older then me, but that doesn't give you permission to boss me around. I posted here simply because I wanted to, not becuase I wanted to be criticized for what I think is the right thing to do. And, SecondLife is pretty much a free world. Right? That means I can make my own decisions about my own repuation, I can make decisions on where I want to go. The only thing I watch out for mostly is the creepers and the disgusting people. I go no where near them, and I don't associate with them. I am a good person and I keep it that way. I only give my picture to someone once I REALLY trust them enough that they wont do stupid stuff with it... Rant over.
  7. I am 18, both in real life and on Second Life. I prefer to tell my age, but I don't dare put my photo on my profile, becuase I don't want to get stalked by some 50 year old man in real life that gets his jeebies off of younger women like me. I go with the flow in SL, and do what I want to do, talk to friends, meet others, go listen to music, shop...etc. Some people creep me out, and I leave when I am creeped out to go somewhere else on SL so I don't have to deal with that person. So basically I go about my business, even people have asked me for a picture and I just tell them no, and I won't give them a picture until I trust them enough.
  8. I'll definately be going! Who knows, might find some awesome people there. It's going to be a hoot listening to all the different kinds of music. Also there would be a great time for younger crowd to practice the languages they have learned in school, since afterall, there are people from all over the world on SL!
  9. With that being said, If you are age verified already, will LL require you to get a premium account? That is a main question I am sure everyone will have if this does happen. A lot of us don't have the time or the patience to go through the whole verification system again. And of course there are the people who can't afford a premium account cause they are either poor, or using all the money they have because they are in college/university. I myself, am only 18, and I have yet to find a job... Even if I DO get one, the money will be going to my tuition fund for college and the rest will be used for needs. I am age verified, and if they put this system in place, then I can't afford a premium account at all.
  10. With me, I have to be extremely careful. I only give out my age, the state I live in, and some bits like what my favorite music is... etc. I am 18, and so I have to be careful on who I give my info out to on here. I don't want to end up with some guy who is a perverted idiot. Yeah, I am an adult, but there are way older guys out there that go for MUCH younger girls, and that's scary and disgusting... I was raised in RL by my grandparents, cause my mom lives up in Alaska while my father is here working 5 days every week. They taught me to be mature and level-headed. That included not giving out personal info on the net, because you may never know who is REALLY behind the other screen. Even if your older, you wouldn't want to find out the person your "Partnered" to is as young as I am, or even faking as an adult... I know some people have their own things that make their worlds go round, but whatever floats their boat...
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