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  1. I have the same Issue here, and not in a linden home but on my own private sim, enough spare prims to rebuild, Sim not show lag, it even looks like if we get something done it not even be safe to the server. I tryed a reboot because i couldnt dress myself to add a script, i had 3 skirts done, when i came back i was up with zero, my skirts settings was lost. |Now i cant dress up to make photo's, and yes, sometimes im wondering , pay this amouth of dollars to get youre own place and you stil not able to do anything. Lets hope they wake up urly today in usa and fix this isseu But its
  2. We have a wonderfull parcel to rent with sea vieuw on mainland "Royal Chase" the place to build youre dream house or main store We only have 1 parcel free to rent , No pay account needed, just pay the rent box and all wil be sorted Just a friendly offer. 4096 sq mtr 936 prims 1625,- L$ pw. all land options availeble http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Royal%20Chase/225/51/45 Teleport to Royal Chase
  3. loading...............loading............loading........ i can do 1 search, soon i use filters all locks up and keep loading loading loading, when i close the screen all graphics dissapear , and i cant send a feedback or use search anymore untill i reboot, so fo rme its pretty useless , bu tmaby its server load, weekelnds always more laggy to but im not happy with it
  4. when we build or search lost invisible prims we could before show them with hit a key combination, and the alphas and or prims showed up red. Update SL2 seems not to highlight those alphas anymore or i miss a new setting they did add in it. we need this setting to find pose balls and many more when we work, its a bit anoying to click 10 or 20 times and hope u hit the object right spot so u able to modify it. Is their anyone that knows how to sort this problem in sl2 or it is another bug again.
  5. if u mean apperance etc , yes its total diffrent , but u get used to it if u use it longer, alot in sl need to be called diff way as in sl1 that works on a simple click .richt click on youre av , use the side bar and richt click on the item u want edit , do a few times and u know how to find now their are more option to go to apperance and or choose edit youre outfit , I agree to that sl2 isnt real friendly for me, where others seems to be happy i stil prefer to get sl1 when i build, special the inventory jump is very anoying even with unselect, show friends come
  6. New search fails in a bad way. A name of a store- group- person with a sign included not be found in not 1 way think thats a very bad thing that need to be sort asap or alot people wil be furiuos i pay classefied adds for that to and i cant be found , no group, no stores, nothing: Your search for "G&T creations" did not return any matches You can try: Make sure all words are spelled correctly. Try different keywords. Try more general keywords. No close matches found for "G&T creations", expanding to a broader search. and than i tryed a few more i no that use a sign in t
  7. i never used emerald and its abouth the new options in sl beta vieuwer , and i had no idea why my clothes was looking suddenly so strange, and whel maby its their for ages, mmm i just notice now it make ugly looks, so i wanted show its not always good to use all settings
  8. New futeres in vieuwers always mess up are designs, now i noticed again with the so called bouncing effect, Avatars might want look sexy but it wil mess up alot designs, so advice to not use it or use very selective because i see alot bad revieuws show up or custumors thinking we cant design. I try to show it with some pictures , but if its me. get the option out or add note cards in youre designs how they can disable the bouncing effect.
  9. It was stable fo rme until the update, now i crash on bussy sims, more as 30 people on and it kick me off , how more been added ( profile pics) how more probs, i never had crash problems before , i started to get used to sl2 , and would be pleased if they fixet some bugs like th einventory jump, but now i get a extra bug again, crashin, crashing and crashing,
  10. I remind i did report this as a bug a while ago, stil hoping they wil fix it the way it act in sl1, let the inventory jump when u take up a item that way we can see in what fokder the item went, hard to find something back when each time u scroll down the inventory jumps up 5 or 6 times and u have to start browsing alover. fo rme its a good reason to stop beta testing sl2 its very anoying we forced to work that way, i think we need to get alot votes on the bug tracker so than they maby might fix the problem, Disable the notifications, when youre friends go of or on line not f
  11. Hi, i had the same when i tryed new beta SL.2 its a setting in youre perferance that only friends can IM you, untick that option and all wil be oke again. Ps U can find perferance in sl2 op top left /Me goodluck
  12. Ok i tryed this new beta again and hoping it would be better, but im stil dissapointed, after some failures and mad custumors because they tought i was ignoring them ) in default settings ( like who can IM u etc) i try my buildings again, and stil bump to this anoying bug the inventory jumps when someone connect and now i even tought when i get a note card, ( I need to pay more attention on it ) i disabled the option i can see my friends come on line but that not stops the inventory jump wich means i lost again some inventory items in a diffrent folder. And with all respect,
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