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  1. Ok i tryed this new beta again and hoping it would be better, but im stil dissapointed, after some failures and  mad custumors because they tought i was ignoring them ) in default settings  ( like who  can IM u etc) i  try  my buildings again, and stil  bump to this anoying bug the inventory  jumps when someone connect and now i  even tought when i  get a note card, ( I need to  pay  more attention on it  ) i disabled the option i can see my friends  come on line but that  not stops the inventory  jump wich  means i  lost again  some inventory items in a diffrent folder.

    And with all respect, i dont  like the new profile option, i  need to be fast sometimes and if the web is overloaded it takes a while plus i dont need to see it  that size  why it must be on the web? im glad now i  dont use twitter. or i need to make 2 accounts 1 for sl and 1 for  private

    Than another option in search, wish i stil try to find...............a tab where i can go search  straight to  people, not i  must type a search to get a tab showed up where i can select to search to  people, it looks we only  get more things to do in new sl before we get what we want, im willing to try and to test, but as long as i get mad all time when i cant  do  my work withouth  bugs , i think i go back to sl 1 and hope on the next update and thats more friendly for me.

    so far i stil think  sl2 takes away to  much  from the game play with  the new layout and the way we need to open it run needed frames and  addons , but i  hope the final  wil be a blast .

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