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  1. Meetings in pure text are tough and slow at best. When they've tried voice in the past it worked so much better as people can type more freely at the same time as the speakers are talking, but then people complain about the use of voice. It's a catch 22. I'd prefer doing them all with voice. People who care enough to attend the meetings should be flexible enough to use all of SL's features. Just because voice is enabled doesn't mean questions can't be asked via text.
  2. This is a good, incremental improvement toward opening the platform. The feature itself is great. I love it, but it's unfinished. The new web profile should be integrated or connected with the blogs and marketplace at least. The more this type of information disconnect can be eliminated, the more fluid the user experience becomes, and the less likely it becomes that newbies will abandon Second Life out of frustration.
  3. Where can we file bug reports? I see no project or existing bugs for this in Jira. The viewer does not accept pasted text, nor does it accept text from the Windows IME. In other words, I can't say おはよう to our friends in Japan.
  4. It's these times when we hear from the opposition on the blogrums and it looks like everyone opposes a thing, but generally speaking, people tend to post less fervently when they're happy. From first-hand experience I can say this is a big understatement. I've been on three sides of this fence. I think what most people don't realize is that often the most profound improvements get no reaction whatsoever from anyone outside the company.
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