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  1. It's spelled out very clearly in the Desura blog that they indeed changed the ToS in SL in order to make your content available in other games through Desura. Amazingly they try to make it sound so positive, while at the same time saying "We're currently undermining people with changes of terms of service in order to profit off of their content. Heck, they even pay US to upload it." From the Desura Blog posted by Oz Linden............ Read Full Blog Here Project Direction We are excited about improving and expanding Desura. Retaining open source for the client is important to us because we believe that will keep it focused on the needs of both game developers and end users. A primary emphasis of Desura’s vision has been to provide game developers with ways to integrate capabilities and services provided by the platform into games - providing community features through the platform within and between games while allowing game developers to focus on game development. We believe that keeping the client open is the best way to support such integration, and some of our plans for how to proceed are specifically motivated by our desire to make that simpler. We are still in the early stages of prioritizing the many things we would like to do with Desura as a whole, but we are already working on some requests from the community, including a Mac port and replacing the use of MFC. We are also constructing a continuous build and test infrastructure to support the project. Licensing We would like to make the open source project licensing easier than it currently is for game developers, including non-open-source games. Specifically, we would like to change the open source license that the project uses to the one that we have been using for the Second Life Viewer for several years now: LGPL version 2.1. We believe that will help to clarify that game developers can incorporate Desura client technology in their products however those products are licensed, and remove the need to drive software design in order to insulate non-open source games from the viral aspects of the GPL. We would also like to use a Contribution Agreement substantially similar to the Contribution Agreement that we use for the Second Life Viewer; it has worked well in that capacity. Essentially, contributors assign a copyright to the company while retaining their own copyright (bits have the nice property that we can each have rights to use them without interfering with the other party’s rights). Having a single entity holding a copyright to all of the code makes future modifications to the project licensing much simpler; for example, there is no way to know how future changes to the legal environment may necessitate changes. There is also some language in the agreement designed to ensure that patents do not become problematic for the project or its derivative works. As has been pointed out in your discussions, any change that we make to the license used by the project in the future should not affect the existing license to the code - contributions from both Desura and others remain under the GPLv3 as documented now in the source files, and could be used by anyone under those terms. We would rather do new work under the new license because we think it best meets the needs of our customers and collaborators. Changing the license will require that we initiate discussions with past contributors. If some contributors are uncomfortable with this new structure, we may need to evaluate the impact that could have and whether we may need to make any adjustments. Contributors should each expect to hear from us soon. The very sad thing is, SL continues to suffer because LL is spending time on expanding other projects, making changes slow coming, and all in the name of profit. The very LEAST they could do is make uploads to SL free and invite SL content creators with an option to submit content to Desura games with a profit sharing agreement (They already profit everytime you content sells on SL through the SL MarketPlace) But no, it's the new way in America with this new communist corporate mindset..."All for me, none for you."
  2. My partner and I both have had items bought from our marketplace stores. The item shows up as "Delivery failed" in order history even after it was successfully delivered (verified by customers), and a while later the customer recieves a "MKT2 Refund" for the full amount they paid, hence receiving free items. We have tested this situation with each others marketplace stores and had the same thing happen on mutliple items. For now i have disabled my magic box and handling customers one by one as the orders come in and show "undelivered" until i find out what's wrong. Can anyone tell me what the heck is going on?
  3. Marketplace is way screwed up right now after the "unscheduled maintenance" today. Even the search doesnt work correctly. All my customers have been getting refunds from linden labs after the product they bought from me was delivered, not by any doing of mine i can assure you. Do a simple search for the word TREE in all categories and sort from low to high price. The products that come up are pictures of dresses with "4 prim fur tree" under it. LOL I think LL has decided it would be best to be an Equal Opportunity Employer and started HIRING RETARDS.
  4. yeah...like unscheduled maintenance that breaks things that were working fine before they touched it. Hence why i took down my magic box for it giving cutomers refunds on every purchase they made from my magic box after some "unscheduled maintenance". LL needs to get it together or sell.
  5. The problems with the servers every week is getting ridiculous. There shouldn't be any need to do the restarts everyweek and then maintanance after the restarts. How long will it be before restarts have to be done DAILY along with maintenance? What this all tells me is that SL is becoming one huge conglomeration of broken worlds, jerry rigged creations, bulky inventories and over dressed avatars. I think its time to only charge people for 6 days a week for tier since the servers are down for almost a whole day. I know LL keeps promising progress....but so far progress is SL-OW (and so slow its even going backwards).
  6. You're very welcome! The problem with transparencies stem from two things. One being two objects with transparencies and either object (or both) having a texture on "FULL BRIGHT". The other problem is the way users are creating their transparencies. The best way to fix the issue when creting an image using transparency is (in your preferred texture editor) to include a layer under your image with the black covering the entire image canvas area, and then turning the black layer to 1% opaque (almost totally invisible). With every pixel in the image containing some opacity of color, fast alpha treats it almost as a solid texture, though its still transparent where its supposed to be. If more people would've realized these tricks a long time ago, along with the use of fast alpha, it would very much cut down on the problems objects using images with transparency anywhere on SL.
  7. No I tried both....deferred and non deffered and i get no difference. I even tried checking them both.....no good. This could be due to the fact that the new viewer doeznt list my video card as being supported anymore. Dare I go and buy a new video card which will inhibit me from giving LL my money for rented land and uploaded textures? Thanx for your reply samm!
  8. It should also be noted that viewer 2.4 takes away the ability to utilize the "fast alpha" option in the develop menu, which easily corrected many of the problems that occur when viewing two objects with transparency over top of each other (like in windows, trees and chendeliers, etc). it was only by luck that i found the "fast alpha" option in the old viewers. This is a VERY significant problem that has been over looked by the developers for far too long and will aggravate current users and builders, as well as deter new ones.. My suggection would be to bring back fast alpha, and make it a default setting to have it ON.
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