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  1. Full separate homestead for rent. Completely separate with no neighbors. Available terra-formed or you can do it yourself. Full manager rights. 5000 Prims, L24000/month. Contact me if interested.
  2. Frankly, It's completely irresponsible for an IT person to say "oops!" then expect everything to be okay. That's complete incompetence and whoever was responsible should be severely disciplined or fired. Quite a few of us have spent HOURS setting up our pages on a template that already left a lot to be desired in it's lack of flexibility and poor layout. Add to that the total lack of responsibility taken when a company wastes our time and money is just a tad too much. I've been in SL for ten years and SL has repeatedly refused to take responsibility for issues that occur. It's always the consumer's fault or an "oops!". Not a good way to do business in my opinion.
  3. Hi there, Looking for either a hud or a control system for an owner, group or everyone to change textures on a linked set. I want to be able to buid a garden with Season change ability. If anyone knows of a good one that is at least copy transfer please help! Thanks! Skye
  4. I want to add that whenever news like this is revealed there are tons of "Yaktivists" who do nothing but complain about how the sky is falling. It's human nature to assume the worse but let's wait and see what happens before we jump to conclusions. I have expressed my main concerns in a previous post here, but I am willing to wait and see before I make any decisions. Overall, SL has to improve technically at some point. It's the way they decide to do it that will make or break them.
  5. I have had a profitable business in Second Life for the past 7 years. I have probably spent over $100K USD in tiers and purchasing items for my business, advertising and other overhead. Whatever happens, I hope that the powers that be in Second Life will provide a way for me to not lose my inventory of over 100 homes and other products when the new SL arrives. I hope too, that there will be a way to transfer my merchandise without the total pain of having to reconstruct all the textures, scripts and everything else I bought full perm but am not the "creator" of for each house. I can tell you from experience that takes FOREVER. Aside from that, SL2 could be a good thing IF tiers are lower, LI is higher and there is actually SOME customer service which seems non-existent at the moment. Taxing sales in return for lower tiers could work if SL doesn't get greedy. The merchants who make a profit have to get paid for their time and if they don't feel the return is worth it, they will go elsewhere. As for the new Sl, it had better be almost perfect before they open it up or people will flock there and then flock right on back. As a RL business owner I have seen it happen over and over to other businesses. I hope too, that those in charge of Sl finally come to realize that it's NOT a game. It's a social arena that serves many purposes, financial, social and creative, but we are NOT here to play silly games so stop wasting time creating them like it's going to be the next big "thing". It's not. Instead, please focus on the business, creative and social aspects of SL. Give us support, we haven't really seen that yet. In the seven years I have been here, in spite of a very successful business, I still feel invisible. Skye Varriale
  6. Hi all, I just got back into building after a few months away. I currently have a home that is all prims and has a LI of 116. When I convex hull it the LI doesn't drop...any ideas? I am also confused about what can link to what here sculpts and mesh are concerned. IS it best to link all sculpts separately from prims? What about mesh? I know not to link Mesh and Sculpts...is there a simple straightforward tutorial on this somewhere? Skye :)
  7. I gave a legit review to someone well-known on the marketplace. It was one star because I was greatly disappointed in her product. It was not abusive or anything. She imed me and ranted for about an hour until I muted her. She also threatened me and then bought one of my products so she could leave an insulting review. So much for maturity and sanity in Second Life.
  8. Tried to use the enhanced listing feature but there is no option to choose...any answers?
  9. A beautiful location surrounded by other cared-for properties. Mature rating. Completely flat. Gets great traffic due to open waterfront. One side entirely protected waterfront. For sale for 1.5L per square meter or best offer. 65000SM, 15000Prims. Contact SkyeRyder Varriale http://slurl.com/secondlife/Picasso/4/85/22
  10. A beautiful location surrounded by other cared-for properties. Mature rating. Completely flat. Gets great traffic due to open waterfront. One side entirely protected waterfront. For sale for 1.5L per square meter or best offer. 65000SM, 15000Prims. Contact SkyeRyder Varriale http://slurl.com/secondlife/Picasso/4/85/22
  11. of course not, why would I think LL would actually be helpful? Thanks for the answer.
  12. I just found a den of copy-botters squatting on abandoned land so I am raging mad that LL allows this to happen and then does nothing about it. Then they have the nerve to charge the honest one's tier...outrageous tier.
  13. One the SL Land page you see parcels up for Auction but how do you list them? There is no info on that at all. Anyone?
  14. I found a situation where two people have a copy-botted home I created plus many other items created by other people..It also looks like they are getting ready to open a shop using someone else's products. How is it best to handle this? Ther eis no doubt they copy-botted these items.
  15. The Coeur Duchy is a 15 region area in SL set in the mid-1700's to 1800's France. Despite its name, it is not a French-run enterprise. We have people from all over the world live there. The owners in fact, are American and Canadian. The intent is to provide romantic realism in a amazingly beautiful historical setting. Role play is not required. Our citizens simply enjoy the ambiance! We have homes for rent from chateaus to cottages priced for any budget. Many homes come with private carriages, boats, security, radio and other amenities. We have active events and live performances on a regular basis. Visitors are welcome and period dress is optional. We are well established since 2008. We would love to see you there both as a visitor and a resident! You can start at the Duchy Information Center and go from there...there is a carriage post just outside. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Aquitaine%20Coeur%20Nord/152/100/36
  16. This beautiful property has ocean views and is right on the main road.The plot is well shaped and traffic has been great! I am only selling to buy a full region elsewhere. 3259 prims 14,240 sm. 25000L See it at: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Clemence/69/135/28
  17. I went over and tried it and it's cute but really. I have to agree with some of the comments here. We need other things much more than an in- world game. We need smooth region crossings, lower tiers, better performance overall and a way for region owners to have more control over their own regions. We don't need a game! SL ISN'T a GAME! Why won't you listen? We are the one's who live and have businesses here.
  18. One spot in a region I own has serious lag. The server is running fine and there are no heavy scripts and it's a full region. Some people have no problems there but others can hardly move. The frame rate drops to 1 and they get stuck. Any ideas?
  19. Thanks everyone all the above helped!
  20. I logged offf earlier today and now I can't get my avi to load in. I am either a puff of smoke or if I rebake a half-naked Ruth type avi., Any ideas?
  21. Hi There Rod, I just wanted to welcome you to Second Life! We met a few times at EA I think. I was featured in a Sims Played by Commercial...if you contact me in world I'll tell you which one. I also have 2 popular Sims forums and sites and have been to many events and conferences at EA. Here in Second Life I have built a business from much of the practice I had building homes in the Sims games and now am making a pretty good "2nd" income from it. I think that we need someone like you here in Second Life. Welcome! SkyeRyder Varriale in Second Life
  22. Based on my experience with the banner ads which were already too high for the results, the pricing for this is waaay too high for the potential market response you get. Sorry.
  23. Ditto to that...we are forced to have perpetual sunset in our regions in order to make the sky look wintery...not the best solution
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