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  1. WooT WooT. Kisses to the both of you!!! I did it and have made my very first sculpt!! Thank you so very, very much! I couldn't have done it without you both. Barbarella x
  2. Yes, will try again. I am sure if that fails there must be a problem with sometihing more major. I will give some feedback later to the both of you. Barbarella thanx
  3. ...tried it out and it does not work either Seems to me there is something wrong.... An other suggestions??? Thanks you.
  4. Hi all. I have started to learn how to make a sculpt in blender. I have Python active and Primstar and that seems to work fine. Once I create the sculpt map it says that it saves it in targa formal into the blender folder. However, when i look into the folder the file is NOT there. :( What can I possibly be doing wrong? Thanks hor helping me....noob builder and all that....
  5. ... Sadly that is not it. I have no Jass folder but you are right it should have save under windows (x86) folder and in my blender folder...But nothing there. Could it be something with the save I wonder? Maybe I will have to start all over again..But Python is working so I am very sad that my efforts are not being saved. Thank you very much for trying to help.
  6. I have created my first sculpty and uv map in blender/python/primstar. All is working well until i save the map. I go on save image, make sure its targa, it looks like it saves in the blender folder. When i try to access the saved file it is not there? What am I doing wrong? Thanks for any help :)
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