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  1. This sounds interesting. I love ancient Greek sims and especally ones with armies! Do you have a slurl? Would love to visit sometime.
  2. I have a new clan that has started and we are currently looking for memebers. Isychia is small and though we don't have a full blown sim or anything we still have a palace. If you want to know more just IM me in world (Everla Meiler)
  3. I know this is probably a late reply, but it may still help you. As a vampire roleplayer, I HATE Bloodlines. They whole thing is a money racket. That point aside...I have used simple roleplaying tactics as well as DCS combat system. I know that sounds odd but there are some sims that are vampire friendly and encourage using DCS when biting. Infact on my own parcel of land, I have DCS activated so that one can bite and gain blood using this combat system. Other than, just roleplay it out. I sometimes use Bloodlines, but not much. The thing is annoying.
  4. Greetings all, When some look at the words vampire clan they think of the new vampires in SL. The ones that feed randomly and are based mostly on the pryamid scheme that is bloodlines. I'm here to promote a new clan that wants to try to get away from this. This clan is Isychia. Isychia is a clan where we are family. Yes there is a King and Queen but that doesn't mean that everyone is isn't equal. Isychia is a medieval clan based with some ancient greek overtones. We are looking for anyone intersted in being a vampire or even a lycan for that matter. If you wish to keep your humanity-well you can do that too. We do not reside on a large sim; but, we do have our palace that anyone is welcome to see. ( http://slurl.com/secondlife/Seyfert/205/69/28/ ) Maybe one day we can develop into a thriving roleplay community; but, until then we will have to grow. If you are interested then send an IM (or reply to the post) to Everla Meiler. I hope to see you soon!
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