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  1. No not getting that but I am crashing every ten minutes. This chat thing is the only thing that changed....
  2. I am having the same problem, except I can log in. I can't seem to stay on more than ten minutes at a time. It does not appear to be my computer or ISP, I was perfectly fine until Mon 4/15 and it has gotten progressively worse since then. I have always supported LL and never wanted to try a 3rd party viewer, but people are directing me towards Firestorm. Anyone have experience with this? Would switching actually help?
  3. Ever since they changed the showcase I get the categories and under them these spinning circles that never turn into to the list of destinations. Anyone else experiencing this? What is the correction?
  4. Accu-Flight, by Honi-B Industries Builders of Airplanes and Helicopters with "realistic" flight characteristics by a real world Pilot and Flight Instructor. We also have Aviation and Airport related accessories. Visit the Main Store or see us on SL Marketplace to try out our SearchLight. It is fully rotational and adaptable to any aircraft, Boat or Car. Easy to use, fun for search and rescue, first responders! Marketplace https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/101818 In SL Hawkside Airport & Marina - Hawkside Yacht Club, Hawkside (28, 44, 30)
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