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  1. Hello everybody i have a question about my graphix card. I have been on second life for quite a while and i tought it was time to get myself a better computer, i have no idea what my old graphix where but i was capable of playing on medium graphix settings without any problems with lagg or such. I have gotten my new computer i think 3 months ago, the first while i had it each time i logged in sl kept giving me a pop up saying it did not recognize my video card, i figured becouse it might be to new. I do not get this message anymore and i dont know what i did wrong becouse im only capable of playing on low settings becouse as soon as i switch to medium it keeps lagging soo badly i can hardly move, i figured that as soon as i gotten the update of sl my graphix card would be accepted and i would be able to play on medium once more, but unfortunatly that is not the case. I wil post my computer specs down here and perhaps there is someone with the same problem whoom knows if there is a solution coming up ? For i payd good money for this comp and i kinda expected it to be perfect for sl. CPU: intel Core i5-460M VGA: NVIDEA Geforce GT 425M/ 1GV DDR3 LED Panel : 17.3 HD = ( glare type) RAM: DDRIII 4 GB ( 2gb*2) HDD: 640 GB RF: 802. 11 b/g/n this all means nothing to me lol but its what it says my computer is a labtop from the brand MSI and is named MSI FX700 I hope anybody of you guys can help coss i would like to get back to medium settings again coss i am missing out on alot of wonderfull things to see. Thank you greetings Shu Fang.
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