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  1. I don't want to sound as the devils advocate, but from the standpoint of LL there are hundreds of these narrow spots in SL. Even if they return stuff, it can be back the next day. Also these mainland parcels quickly change ownership. LL created these pathways as a service to the sailing community, but my impression after many years experience of sailing on Linden land is that's where it ends. Its basically up to the community to solve disputes. Landowners are LL clients who pay tier. Who you think they value more, clients or struggling sailors... Before you buy mainland, check, check and check again. Mainland is a jungle, it always was and always will be, I owned mainland for years. Check who else owns parcels in the nearby regions and what abilities that gives them to block. Your neighbour today, can be gone tomorrow. If the land is cheap, its cheap for a reason. Happy sailing
  2. I obviously meant to visually derender the object, not your boat. And to check if a seemingly obstructing object is phantom or not can be done hundreds of meters before. You don't have to stop, simply cam and edit. These are always large off-sim objects since very few people in SL have rights to build permanently on linden land. I have been sailing these regions for over 9 years and wish you good luck battling LL on this
  3. Derender/blacklist phantom objects so you don't see them next time. Check before by 'edit object' if its really phantom. Alternative is to sail in a private estate like Fruit Islands with over 200 regions. One owner, one rule...no crap.
  4. The owner cant, unless he tests you with an alt and pays directly and watches how you respond...
  5. Been renting land from LL for 10 years now. Never had a problem with them. They always responded, always tried to solve it and always in a polite way. May be I was just lucky, but I think it helps a lot how you approach them.
  6. Simple, no demo, no place to see it, no business. Not only for houses, but anything above 500L. If the seller does not care for his clients....why would you
  7. Simply don't reply, if that does not work use the away message, if that does not work, block. if you don't want to talk to that person, why bother.
  8. This is my question about land and prim usage. If a private region (a home stead) has a number of parcels, lets say 3, then these parcels automatically get the prim allowance that goes with the size of the parcel. The remaining prims which are not connected to any or these parcels remain free for general use. Suppose this region is largely water and can be used to sail with boats, then any boat arriving in this region will consume a certain amount of prims depending on the size of the boat. My question is this. When will the region run out of prims for arriving boats, or in other words, when do you get a 'region full' message. There are two possibilities. The not used prims in the parcels are still available for any arriving boats, or arriving boats are limited to the remaining prims after subtracting the total amount of prims the parcel support.. To illustrate this lets take an example. A Home stead has 3750 prims. Suppose there are 3 parcels in this home stead each holding 1000 prims and each of them is filled with 600 prims, so 400 in every parcel is free, 1200 in total. The HS region has 750 prims left (3750-3000) for general use. How many prims are available for arriving boats, 750 or 750 plus the 3 times 400 remaining prims in these parcels which would amount to 1200+750=1950 prims. In other words, do we have 1950 prims or 750 prims available for arriving boats until the 'sim full' message appears? Note: The 3 parcels are all set to a different groups and are owned by different owners. My guess would be 750 prims, because if arriving boats would be able to "loan" prims from owned parcels, the owner of that parcel might suddenly discover that his prim allotment has declined because it was pinched by a boat. (In reality the parcels have a bonus factor of 4, but for simplicity reasons, I left that out of the question) Anyone? **Thank you all for your answers, it was important for me to understand this better, since I organize sail races in an estate with rented parcels on Home Stead regions. My understanding now from your answers is, the total pool of non-used prims in a region is available for boats sailing through. That was what I was hoping for.
  9. Thanks, I was afraid its not possible. I cannot change the boat script, so thats a no go.
  10. I have been playing with your script and although I consider myself a beginner, I fairly understand the math how it works because of the extensive explanation, thank you for that. My problem is this. I want to use it to instruct a Bandit boat to change wind direction. If done by hand one simply types in N_S_W_E etc. in chat and the boat responds. But if I wear a prim with your script then the boat does not respond, My gut feeling is that the boat only accepts these commands from the owner of the boat and not from some prim. I changed the llOwnerSay into llSay on channel 0. So, is there a way to solve this by somehow making the boat accept it comes from me rather than a prim? Thank you
  11. If you are on a parcel which has 'Avatars can see etc' switched off, then anyone above the 70 meter line cannot see avatarts below the 70 meter line and vice versa.
  12. Bake fail can be a very serious problem. It happened to me a few months ago. Only after rebooting my PC every time I could log in. After many conversations and attempts to solve this with a LL technician I finally found out it was my provider. So I had to change provider and that solved it. On a sideline, I have to say this LL technician went out of his way to try to help me. We had dozens of conversations and he tried much from his end to solve it.. Let no one tell me LL does not care about their customers, my expierence is very different.
  13. I remember over a year ago we suffered tremendous lag on my region. I complained and complained at LL, until one day a Linden told me, okay, we will move you to another server type. Never had lag problems ever since.
  14. I changed my region to adult years ago because I was tired of hearing people nagging me about some bare bums they spotted. Yes, adult gives the owner much more freedom and who needs these noobs who dont spend a nickle and just stop by to grief . I am not surprised adult is bigger now. And no, I dont believe SL would have been more succesful without adult stuff. Its adults that pay the bills to keep SL going and without them it would turn into an ad farm of some sort like so many web sites/ social media. Eating and sex keeps the planet going, and since eating in sl is not possible....
  15. The difference between a public and a private 'bed' is not always very clear to new people. SL is an open place unless an owner restricts access. Put an orb and add your friends names, it will avoid misunderstandings. Even noobs are people with feelings...:matte-motes-sunglasses-2:
  16. Not knowing wich half of the girls present are really guys :matte-motes-confused:
  17. Dont forget, LL staff is mostly a bunch of technicians who have no clue what its like to create and live in SL. Been here 5 years and not once I saw a message from them indicating they understand their product, They don't and they never will, because for them its a 9-5 job keeping servers alive and playing with code, not a SecondLife. Just business. Its frustrating, I know, but we have to live with it.
  18. I run a big beach for many years now and we hear a lot of talk about lag. People seem to forget, or are not aware that most lag is due to their poor internet connection or insufficient hardware and not the region server. Also we hear a lot of talk about scripts people wear and of course scripts put a burden on the server, but not as much as generally believed. Scripts have the lowest priority on the server. Ava's wearing a lot of scripts create most server lag when they land after a TP because the server needs to 'mount' them, although its my experience that LL has solved most of those mono related mounting problems, at least on my regions. Most lag however is due to textures needed to be downloaded to the visitor (grey people, slow rezzing) and updating positions of moving ava's (rubber banding). So set your own graphics accordingly, low draw distance and restricted ava drawing, You be surprised how much that helps. Oh and there is a lag meter in your viewer (help menu), it tells which of the 3 factors (server, connection, hardware) contributes most to your lag. Of course a venue owner can also do a lot on lag by keeping textures in his place to an acceptable level, the more stuff the more download it takes. Or put a ban on particles, yes particles create lag, not on the server, but on your PC.. Switching off scripts for visitors does not help much, at least not in my experience.
  19. its not normal, but it would certainly not bother me. On the contrary :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  20. I second that. After 5 years running businesses in sl i found staff can make or break a place. I only hire people who I have come to know as being reliable and have minimum 6 months sl experience. Wanting a job is hardly a good reason for hiring someone...
  21. Phoenix browser shows UUID from anyone in their profile. No need for anyhing else.
  22. I have bought a script that starts emitting particles (smoke) when its called from another script. Its a boat script placed in an exhaust pipe which starts emitting smoke particles when the boat is driving (looks neat). The emitting script I cannot change, but the calling boat control script I can modify. So my question, is there an easy way to have the boat scrip start the emitting script. Both are linked, the root prim and the exhaust prim with the emitting script. Hope this makes sense...ty
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