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  1. But do they know everything that person in real life would? From the sounds of Nope. But then again I am deeply suspicious of anyone who would use the r word..and treat this as something worth asking on a public forum for all and sundry to see. Shopping/spending addictions are a terrible thing, that affects anyone, neurotypical, disabled or abled, neurotypical. anyone can gain an addiction and indeed loved ones and professionals should try to help. Bringing it to a public forum isn't helping. I mean just look at how people have turned it into a debate on another person's agency. Or as Bitsy pointed out.. Abled folk trying to decide what is and isn't offensive on our behalf.
  2. Here's a tip on how to help me n this situation free of charge from a "speical needs" person. Unless you know the person personally innrl: stay the ***** out of their business and do not patronise them by assuming you know what is best for them. If they can handle a computer unsupervised, then their spending is none of our business.
  3. As somone with learning difficulties/mental problems I have but a few things to say. It going to be harsh, blunt and not very friendly. 1: Keep the R-word out of your godsdam mouth. The fact that you use it even when you confess that you know it's wrong but do it anyway casts doubt on you "concern". 2: Mind your own business. If he is legally an adult then there is zilch you can or should do. Espically if you don't know him in real life. Honestly, some of the repilies are really disturbing. This is a situation where we have no information aside from one person's account. So we should really not be encouraging a stranger to try and take away an adult's agency. Because that is what some people are suggesting.
  4. I see no issue with platonic cuddling/hugging so long as everyone consents. Especially amongst friends. But I'm a super affectionate person so. -shrug-
  5. Sadly like I said. It's just not possible. those photos where most likely photoshopped. =x none of the male bodies I have, have the option. (I have: Legacy, Slink and Signature's Gerlat. All are just flat)
  6. Unfortnate;y there's isn't a Mid/High/Flat option for the male tmp bodies (og, 1., legacy) or for most male bodies for that matter alas, However, Riot does does have the Trizie socks, that allow male mesh bodies to wear heeled shoes: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/RIOT-Trixie-Socks-DEMO-Jake-Gianni-Slink-Adam/15688056 People have been asking mesh body creators for the option however. so if there's more demand. maybe eventually they'll cave.
  7. I just really like my current look right now.
  8. ..I'm not sure how I got it this pretty, but I likes.
  9. The rules I have for any relationship, (Be it platonic, romantic, etc.) are the same in SL as they are in RL and the same standard I hold for myself: Be open, Be honest and respect boundaries. Be open and Honest: I put these two together because they are linked together. Honesty is important because if you can't be honest with your friends/datemate. Who can you be honest with? Certainly not yourself. While being open in this context means being open to differing opinions and ideals. To a point of course. No matter how charming a Hannibal lecter is as a character, I don't think I could be friends with an actual cannibal. /snerk. - I am a Polyamorous Asexual with left-leanings and mental health problems. Though those I care for and myself don't have to agree on every single point. I'd like to hope that we can behave like adults and be open to each others differences and passions. That and it'd be hard to befriend someone if they are ideologically opposed to my very existence. Respecting boundaries is exactly what it says on the tin. As a proud introvert. I like my space, I also am still recovering from the wringer that I went through a few years ago in which an ex friend continuously refused to respect my boundaries and acted very possessive of my time and roleplay characters. Never again will I oblige such nonsense.
  10. This is Part one of why I've basically stopped going to some of the shopping events I used to. The second is my own pet peeve: Events that have a theme but the Coordinators didn't even attempt to do their job and thus the items are like 90% off theme poses, tattoos and unisex accessories and 10% the same dress you've seen ten times already. You know the one. The low-cut one.
  11. ..While I am an advocate for people using critical thinking skills and figuring out their own. I find your post right here, Very... ableist. You may not have intended it. But by putting the onus on Selene instead of the Lab to provide the tools for those that are deaf/hard of hearing to follow along. You are implying that it is the fault of the hard of hearing/Deaf person. ..Which is not a good look for anyone. The Lab and many other places should do more to make information more accessible for all. That's not demanding that it be spoonfed to the person without any effort. But that the information already supplied is yanno.. Able to be accessed.
  12. Lo' There. I'm also interested in J-fashion, particularly Lolita/Ouji. as well as an Artist/Writer with Social anxiety. Friendship is always cool.
  13. What happens when I am left unattended at the Cyberpunk fair.
  14. I'd @geplay in my list of limits because there is always that one sick B that'll try. So I can't really argee on that point. But I do agree on the ones that claim they are no drama tend to be the most drama-filled morons I'd ever had the displesure to meet.
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