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  1. This is Part one of why I've basically stopped going to some of the shopping events I used to. The second is my own pet peeve: Events that have a theme but the Coordinators didn't even attempt to do their job and thus the items are like 90% off theme poses, tattoos and unisex accessories and 10% the same dress you've seen ten times already. You know the one. The low-cut one.
  2. ..While I am an advocate for people using critical thinking skills and figuring out their own. I find your post right here, Very... ableist. You may not have intended it. But by putting the onus on Selene instead of the Lab to provide the tools for those that are deaf/hard of hearing to follow along. You are implying that it is the fault of the hard of hearing/Deaf person. ..Which is not a good look for anyone. The Lab and many other places should do more to make information more accessible for all. That's not demanding that it be spoonfed to the person without any effort. But that the information already supplied is yanno.. Able to be accessed.
  3. Lo' There. I'm also interested in J-fashion, particularly Lolita/Ouji. as well as an Artist/Writer with Social anxiety. Friendship is always cool.
  4. What happens when I am left unattended at the Cyberpunk fair.
  5. I'd @geplay in my list of limits because there is always that one sick B that'll try. So I can't really argee on that point. But I do agree on the ones that claim they are no drama tend to be the most drama-filled morons I'd ever had the displesure to meet.
  6. I was so proud of this, until i noticed the gap between the ears an hour after putting everything away. 😡
  7. To bring it around back on topic. There is a market for more androgynous/unisex clothing, Stores like the Secret Store, Stories, all provide more feminine clothing for V-tech that isn't just "yet another crop top", Certain stores provide both male-mesh body and female/flat chest versions of the same outfit. We'll not get a perfect world where every store has fitting for every body. Like other posters have said, that just isn't viable in the terms of profit vs cost and effort. But there can and is a demand for more styles that would suit both without necessarily creating too much effort for too little profit. Even if it's just for the more popular mesh body brands. We just have to prove to the makers that there is a want for it and support and share the stores that do it!
  8. I didn't get to go to the Alt party because I was a tad busy attending a different, very special occasion.
  9. See as Scylla Rhiadra asked so nicely, A lil' bit of Dark Elegance~
  10. If I had to describe my Style. I guess it'd be, part of the time, gothic, Decadent and refined, The other time, cutesy "Kawaii" or a Fae trying to be high fashion. with a sprinkling of playful latex when in BDSM-sims. Or to borrow from a meme, I've one foot in a puddle of darkness, another in a hello kitty roller skate. The only real common point is Androgyny. Being Non binary I try to make my sl-self as ambiguous in gender as possible outside of roleplay.
  11. "Don't even im me unless you have an entire, intalectually deep debate preolanned" Jeeze, calm down Karen. I get annoyed at the "hi sexy :))" randos too but aint nobody got the time to jump through flaming hoops before they can even start a convo with a stranger
  12. I Just wanna slow dance with you, I just wanna slow dance with you.. I know all the other boys are tough and smooth, and I got the blues..
  13. ..That's not how topping from the bottom works. That isn't how BDSM even works. Before even a single "scene" begins let alone a commitment to a d/s relationship those involved make it clear what they expect, their likes, dislikes and limits,. on both sides. Topping from the bottom is trying to dictate the scene while in the midst of it instead of letting the Top do their thing. It's not saying. "Hey I'm uncomfortable with how you expect me to be exclusive to you, but you won't be exclusive to me." That's basic respect and relationship building 101. If someone is monogamous, then they're monogamous. But they're also more likely willing to outright state it. The people getting uppity when she asks if they'd be exclusive to her instead of merely going. "Yeah, I prefer exclusivity both ends " or gosh even admitting that they'll have other subs (but somehow still demand said subs only play with them.. which is a whole different kettle of fish.) are being deliberately obtuse and appear to lack the maturity to simply spit out what they really want out of such a relationship. I doubt OP would pitch a *****-fit if they simply answered yes or no. It's ok to be mono. It's ok to be poly. But I think we can all agree that demanding someone to be one or the other while you don't and do whatever you want. IS a hypocritical double-standard.
  14. If We shadows Have offended, Say it once and all is mended.. Outfit details: Head: Catwa Catya, Ears:^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears Hair: .Shi: Ya-Resh Body: Maitreya Lara + V-Tech "Boi" chest. Skin: Birth - Miller Tone-1 Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Ft Wannabe Fairy C2 Wings: Fancy Fairy, Titania Iridescent Bento Fairy wings
  15. In my never-ending quest for the best mesh body for myself, I've come to you dear forum goers. You see, There's two things I want. one: A nice body where I can wear a good range of clothing from either gender and being able to represent myself in all of my chubby/curvy/muffiny glory. Now Avatar 2.0/kemono would be amazing for this.. ..If you could Adjust the dang sliders on kemono and if they acted a bit more noticeably for 2.o D= (and also if they where omega friendly..but I am a small muffin that does not have enough brain juice for texture editing ok) So I ask of you, dear fourm-goers. What Flat-chest-enabled mesh bodies do ya'll recommend and any curvy ones (that also have a flat chest) would you recommend that have the least issue with fitting into differently gendered clothing then it's base?
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