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  1. AylinVali

    How does your avatar look today ?

    I didn't get to go to the Alt party because I was a tad busy attending a different, very special occasion.
  2. AylinVali

    How does your avatar look today ?

    See as Scylla Rhiadra asked so nicely, A lil' bit of Dark Elegance~
  3. AylinVali

    What Inspires Your Style and Fashion in SL?

    If I had to describe my Style. I guess it'd be, part of the time, gothic, Decadent and refined, The other time, cutesy "Kawaii" or a Fae trying to be high fashion. with a sprinkling of playful latex when in BDSM-sims. Or to borrow from a meme, I've one foot in a puddle of darkness, another in a hello kitty roller skate. The only real common point is Androgyny. Being Non binary I try to make my sl-self as ambiguous in gender as possible outside of roleplay.
  4. AylinVali

    Lines that annoy you most

    "Don't even im me unless you have an entire, intalectually deep debate preolanned" Jeeze, calm down Karen. I get annoyed at the "hi sexy :))" randos too but aint nobody got the time to jump through flaming hoops before they can even start a convo with a stranger
  5. AylinVali

    The VaNiTy ThReAd

    I Just wanna slow dance with you, I just wanna slow dance with you.. I know all the other boys are tough and smooth, and I got the blues..
  6. AylinVali

    Dom/ Domme Double Standards

    ..That's not how topping from the bottom works. That isn't how BDSM even works. Before even a single "scene" begins let alone a commitment to a d/s relationship those involved make it clear what they expect, their likes, dislikes and limits,. on both sides. Topping from the bottom is trying to dictate the scene while in the midst of it instead of letting the Top do their thing. It's not saying. "Hey I'm uncomfortable with how you expect me to be exclusive to you, but you won't be exclusive to me." That's basic respect and relationship building 101. If someone is monogamous, then they're monogamous. But they're also more likely willing to outright state it. The people getting uppity when she asks if they'd be exclusive to her instead of merely going. "Yeah, I prefer exclusivity both ends " or gosh even admitting that they'll have other subs (but somehow still demand said subs only play with them.. which is a whole different kettle of fish.) are being deliberately obtuse and appear to lack the maturity to simply spit out what they really want out of such a relationship. I doubt OP would pitch a *****-fit if they simply answered yes or no. It's ok to be mono. It's ok to be poly. But I think we can all agree that demanding someone to be one or the other while you don't and do whatever you want. IS a hypocritical double-standard.
  7. AylinVali

    How does your avatar look today ?

    If We shadows Have offended, Say it once and all is mended.. Outfit details: Head: Catwa Catya, Ears:^^Swallow^^ Magic Pixie Ears Hair: .Shi: Ya-Resh Body: Maitreya Lara + V-Tech "Boi" chest. Skin: Birth - Miller Tone-1 Outfit: ::: B@R ::: Ft Wannabe Fairy C2 Wings: Fancy Fairy, Titania Iridescent Bento Fairy wings
  8. In my never-ending quest for the best mesh body for myself, I've come to you dear forum goers. You see, There's two things I want. one: A nice body where I can wear a good range of clothing from either gender and being able to represent myself in all of my chubby/curvy/muffiny glory. Now Avatar 2.0/kemono would be amazing for this.. ..If you could Adjust the dang sliders on kemono and if they acted a bit more noticeably for 2.o D= (and also if they where omega friendly..but I am a small muffin that does not have enough brain juice for texture editing ok) So I ask of you, dear fourm-goers. What Flat-chest-enabled mesh bodies do ya'll recommend and any curvy ones (that also have a flat chest) would you recommend that have the least issue with fitting into differently gendered clothing then it's base?
  9. I don't think anyone is saying they are a victim either, at least not anyone that is saying bodyshaming/bullying is a thing. I think part of the issue is that some have a specific idea of what they think is being said or done and what they think, isn't being done by those aruging for it This isn't a "stupid hat" situation or just one off random comment that is more amusing then hurtful. It's a continued stream of insults, curses and acutal bullying tatics. It's things that would get you punched or arrested in rl. You can block or ignore but either more pop up to say the same things but with a new coat of paint. Or if you're really unlucky the person circumvents the block and you gotta get the linden folk involed. Yes some people are more sensitive then others, ...but when did this become a bad thing? Weren't we all taught that if we "can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all?" Maybe I am just an old person yelling at the clouds now but I remember when manners weren't considered "political correctness gone mad!" And having manners regauding anothers apperance is all I think anyone is asking for.
  10. Not at all, In fact you actually read my post, I'd in noway implied that you are not entitled to your opinion. But just as you are able to have an opinion. I too am entitled to mine. and in my opinion. I find it weird how you'll happily change your avatar to suits people's needs. But when it comes to the need for people to have basic respect given..that is apparently too far? I mean, surely we can both argee that some hobgoblim cursing, effing and blinding over someone's pixels is ridiculous right?
  11. ???? What in the even? I..have you...even read the thread beyond the original post? Because this response seems very far removed from the reailty of the thread. people aren't "Fleeing to safe spaces" or getting overly sensitive over opinions, They're talking about people who constantly harass or spout abusive words like, "Urgh you're such a *****king disgusting thing, go buy a decent avatar or log off you *****ing hag." Nobody's saying don't have an opinion or "your bodyshaming me :(" They're saying don't be a dipweed and don't curse-out or harass someone over their avatar. Heck I change my avatar allot, though certain things stay the same. I'm still gonnacl out idiots who throw tanturms over how my style doesn't cater to their exact whims. Not opinions, Tanturms, abuse and harassment. There is a difference. and if more then one person has called you out on. ..maybe the problem isn't them but your so-called "opinion".
  12. I think some people need to remember that just because something can happen, Doesn't always mean We should do it. Especially regarding the argument that X thing regarding avatar appearance cannot happen because. "You can just change it instantly!" For example, My avatar reflects the type of body I cannot currently physically have, an Androgynous form that alleviates the Gender Dysphoria I have until I can complete my transition rl-wise. Sure, I could change in order to avoid Crop-top hell(other V-tech/Maitreya users will understand this) and people who belittle my sl appearance. But why the heck should I when it reflects who I am and who I want to be perfectly? Especially once I figure out how to get my chubbiness and that look in one avatar. and dang right am I gonna call it bodyshaming and be pissed if some snot decides that this expression of myself is something hideous or other vulgar words just because it doesn't meet their standards. or more commonly: Get harassment for it. It it looks like a duck, Quack likes a duck, etc.
  13. I've had it happen and it certainly exists, heck you see an amusing sl-only subset of a "Damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation even right here on the forums, surrounding the body height. Above a certain height and you're a freakish giantess with no sense of proportion or style., Below it and you're a "creepy age-play child" even if every other part of your avatar is clearly that of an adult. I've even been guilty of the former myself until I realised how silly it really is. I'm going to pointedly ignore the splitting hairs of term usage because, It doesn't matter if we can change in an instant. SL, contrary to popular opinion does not exist in a vacuum devoid of any influence from Real life. Biases from RL seep into SL. As someone who is short, the comments on my height l, wouldn't be too out of place in sl. Only I can't change my shape to make myself taller, like I can and do in SL. when I feel like it. Likewise fatphobia thrives well in SL by the fact that trying to make a suitably full-figured or overweight body is like pulling teeth.. not to mention trying to clothe it. Not to mention the comments should you suceed... (and I have tried, I want to have my rl-curves and chub dammit.) Sure, anyone can change shape/avatar at a whim, But Why should they have to change in order to avoid bullying behaviour? That seems a bit backwards don't you think?
  14. 'Lo, I'm Robin, 29 years old, Non binary (Zey/zem or They/them is good). My hobbies inculde drawing, writing, make-up artistry. Starting to ease myself into sewing again and I'm introverted but also pretty chatty and extroverted at times. I was a retailer, but lack of work and my disability and a sudden anxiety disorder have left me unable to pursue my career further currently. Currently seeking out assessments, tests and all that fun stuff so I can get back to it. Also pondering a change to web design or similar career paths. On Second life I either roleplay or shop, trying to broaden out my social-sphere but it's hard when most of the sims I try to vist have people.. but nobody typing in chat and all locked up in ims. (While also having a list of rules about how you can and can't interact with them.. x-x)
  15. AylinVali

    SL Boundaries?

    On one hand. You're not exactly respecting his boundaries either by snooping around like that. From an outside perpesctive by a poly person. You really need to sit down and properly disscuss whar is and isn't on the table, starting by apologising for invading his privacy and then asking why he is hiding his online status even though you can easily see that he is in fact online. Also while SL is to be enjoyed, you do got to realise that the avatars have real people behind them. So really ask yourself and your boyfriend: Are you both comfortable with an open/polyarmous realtionship. Even if it exists only on SL, its not lesser. It's as real as any other realtionship. Really talk about this, because it sounds like there's allot of crossed wires and that you might be as comfortable as you assumed, while he needs to be more open