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  1. Did you buy it at auction? Auction land is usually abandoned land. You can post land for sale in classified in search if you bought it from Linden Labs, you will still be the manager of that land and responsible for the tiers as a land holder, regardless if the buyer pays or not. Or sell it to a land holding company. If it is from your premium account you just abandon that land.
  2. I want to see!! You will go through a lot of looks hair, skins and shape( plus adjust your avatar a billion times so dont worry about it too much) Just ask people when you see avatars you like to help you... lots of people like to give newbies a make over =)
  3. Yeah spankme get your own land !!:matte-motes-sarcasm:
  4. That sounds like a sex chat invite for 4.99, I used to get them on my messanger from myspace
  5. I have 2 accounts,but as far as avatars go.... Tons of skins and shapes. My Alt avatar has the type of name where it can be eiter a guy or a gurl
  6. I have to say this is one of my favorite videos! THE NUMBER 1 AND 2 THINGS I CONSTANLY DELETE: objectswith no names, and notecards. I do not have food in my inventory, but there are 65 horses in 1 box
  7. Awe Christie, I have had that happen to me before too!! (but only once) So to prevent it from ever happening again I created an alt, gave her my rights and added her to land management. She has a prepaid c.c. on her account that can be refilled Also I had a issuse where my card wasnt being read so I had to buy linden from a 3 party source( Ruby Thursday ) cost a few L more but it was effecient
  8. I had inventory and after I loaded and other item to add to the store the items didnot show correctly, so I deleted the content and refill the content with the inventory but it is not showing after I refreshed and reset
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