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  1. Having the same problem. Problem persists - Viewer 2.9.4, Viewer 3, Phoenix Firestorm 3.0.1. I've switched outfits (both custom and default), edited appearance, rebaked textures, turned off hardware skinning, logged on, logged off, upgraded viewers, cleared cache, done clean reinstalls. The result is persistent (see screenshots below), which suggests an inworld issue (other avs see what I see). But it applies to my alt, which implies a client-side problem. If I had to guess, I'd say that the textures being applied to my shape are just slightly off. It's as if I say "apply UUID xxxx" and instead it applies UUID xxxY. The textures being applied are in my inventory, just not even close to the right ones. Could the data in the assetserver for my UUID have gotten out of whack somehow? Could my viewers be using a common cache on my PC that somehow got corrupted and yet won't respond when I clear it?
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