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  1. update, Funny I still keep that account opened even if I have not logged in game since 2009 We are happily married in RL since 2011 and still have no plan to return to the game. We sometimes wonder what happened to some of our friends in game. We everyone happiness
  2. update to my previous post, Its been 3 years since we are happily married in RL and have not returned to the game. We still keep the good memories from the game (it is where we met initially after all) and hope most of our friends did find their happiness too. I still think it is a far better way to meet love than any online dating site because it is not the purpose of the game; but if it happens then fine and be happy.
  3. My Ex RL partner left me for her SL partner 4 years ago, moving out of the country and even marrying him. By "coincidence" in 2009 just before I was about to leave that game for good,I met an old SL friend from my CCS rpg time (under another avatar) and we connected again. She visitied me in RL 3 times during 2010 all the way from another continent and since fall 2011 we are happily married and completely out of the game. We both don't have any interest anymore in the game because we are so happy in RL, SL is no longer necessary.
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