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  1. Is this sold yet? I'm looking for a beach property on the mainand. I don't see a sign up on the property.
  2. It's been awhile (pun intended, lol) since i listened to this song in 2007 and heard it again yesterday. It stuck on me, and also -- I didn't realize this song has the best music video ever. =^.^=
  3. When your cat realizes your ink has another cat on it =^.-=
  4. Is your cat a Balinese too? I have one in RL =^.^= very calm and sweet little kitty. Anyway, i got the closest thing to Balinese on the marketplace with these Ragdoll kitties. 2 copies, a companion and a wanderer you leave at home. Haha, enjoy! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/JIAN-Ragdoll-Cat-Collection/15334708
  5. Hi guys! Meet me and my cat Fur-gie. We visited La Fontera and had some fun checking out the little villas =^_^=
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