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  1. @ChuckBaggett @TorleyWong should be @Chuck @Torley We are not usernames.
  2. Related, single-username logins to the Second Life Wiki still don't work, meaning newer Residents can view, but can't edit the wiki help pages. We're still working on this and if it seems like we've gone strangely silent on giving updates, just ping me and I'll check with our tech experts to see what's going on. I promise. I was just able to log in to the wiki by entering my name as ChuckBaggett Resident and edit my user page (https://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/User:ChuckBaggett_Resident).
  3. What happens when you associate your facebook, linkedin, and twitter accounts with an SL account? Can you associate two SL accounts with the same facebook, linkedin, and twitter accounts?
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