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  1. I am glad it is not just me that gets all giggly and smirky. Which is not the best look on a Dom or a Lord High Bunnykins
  2. I think the whole worship/ accepting worship thing is worthy of deeper discussion as well. Thank you. If for no other reason than I could do with learning to accept it better, not that I think I will be worshipped anytime soon. It is an area I believe is coupled with assumptions by non-participants and it would be interesting to get an inside view.
  3. I have given them a glance and I will definitely go over those links in more detail. Off topic I am about to restart para fantasy RP so the RP blog will be a good refresher for that as well, (I cannot find the Fae emoticon.) Awesome ...Thanks
  4. We are not really that sort of venue. That and I think most of us would bust out laughing. Your suggestion though is appreciated, thank you.
  5. @Klytyna I will be happy to be younger than you or indeed anyone these days. ? Having read that it all reads rather too true. I am sorry you met such a deluded and dangerous bunch of people on your travels. I have been luckier in that a 10%er would not stop to - - - - on me if I were on fire. I can certainly see why you feel the way you do and what is more with those examples I feel the same way. Except for one thing. When these discussions occur they are not me standing up front telling ever one how it is because I hate that. Where I am I am only a facilitator, I just supply a topic and talking points and then sit back and call on people in order to speak. It means everyone gets a say without being interrupted. I understand why after that it may not be for you. I totally respect that...
  6. @eightdwarf Love them! . 1. The difference between D/s with and without a S&M element is something that comes up most days in various discussions as we have a lot of couples and singles on the softer side of the lifestyle. Excellent point though. 2. I am not sure that anyone has discussed the differences in D/s, M/s as you laid out. I like the rlv trap negating consent aspect and if TPE is feasible inworld. I think that will spark some discussion. I think that the switch topic may make a good sub topic (no pun intended) and give the switches in the group a chance to take centre stage and I know it is not the best understood area. I know that there was a discussion on submissives and the way it is assumed or instructed they show respect to any Dominant. In fact it was my sub, bless her, that led the charge on how that was a ludicrous assumption.
  7. @ Connal Decuir We can definitely use, 1. Why is being submissive perceived as being horny, 2. Appropriateness of venue: Where would you not wear your fetish wear or be pulled on a leash in Secondlife. We just did the rp/emoting one though so good call for a tongue in cheek. Who wants to be serious all the time. @Klytyna I can totally respect your opinion about all discussion groups, no matter how broad. We do not encourage and will actively move against anyone who is running discussions that claim to be the 'one true way'. Our mission is support, education and inclusion. I have though been to too many discussions that seem to be some what as you describe. So what would you like them to look like?
  8. So we have all been to BDSM discussions were the same topics are rehashed over and over. While this is needed for newcomers I feel that you the community must have a wealth of ideas for discussion topics that are underrepresented. I would love to hear your suggests. Serious, funny or otherwise, remember any suggestion is better than none. What is more, you may just get to have the thing you wish to be discussed covered and I get to not wrack my brains quite so much. So let's hear it for participant-driven discussions. Over to you all.....
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