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  1. I just had a horrendous experience trying to withdraw funds from Second Life. I was interrogated basically like a suspected criminal, and finally I was told I could not withdraw the funds. And then the Tilia rep closed the ticket so I could not respond. If this is the future of Second Life, I have no intentions of putting any more money into Second Life. And I'm reconsidering some major musical events I had planned.
  2. My inworld partner of 10 years sent me some L$ that she had saved from work inworld to help me with a car expense. I am currently being interrogated by Trilia. "Send us these documents" "What is your relationship with this person" "What is your source of inworld income" Meanwhile my car is still in the shop and I can't get it out because of this. These are the real-world implications of this nonsense.
  3. http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Regions-for-Sale-Full-Private/FULL-SIM-quot-HOLLAND-quot-FOR-SALE-FULL-TRANSFER-USD200/td-p/2906850
  4. Actually, changing it as they've done makes more sense than having a separate age verification option. You're more likely to enter your actual DOB when you sign up than you are when you are if you're verifying your age separately. And it's locked in.
  5. I use Mobile Grid Client as well. While missing some features I'd really like, it does provide an easy way to handle chat and many basic features. It does cost a monthly fee, with two use/payment levels. Unless all you plan on doing is chatting, you'll want/need the higher level.
  6. It sounds as though you might have something on your PC that is logging your keyboard input. If so, that would not be a LL issue. You do have virus software installed, yes?
  7. I'm quite certain that this is an aggressive move on the part of the owner of the land to push out other land owners. There really is no point to it, since all of the sqm that they own is being used to host some kind of a party club in the sky. It's really sad that some people have to behave like this.
  8. If you haven't done so, you might wish to power down your PC, your modem, and your router for a couple minutes and then reconnect them.
  9. Please define "chat zone". Were you in an adult region, in an area where sexual activity is known to take place, or where adult images or adult furniture is present? If Linden Lab says an account has been terminated and there is no recourse, then there is no recourse. You must have received a letter from Linden Lab explaining why your account was terminated. Linden Lab does not respond to this forum, so there's not much that can be done here. They have a toll-free telephone number, perhaps you might give that a call.
  10. Deej Kasshiki wrote: Thanks for making SL the unique experience it is in spite of the many roadblocks the Lab sets up in your path. I've always said that the grid continues to remain profitable in spite of Linden Lab's decisions (or indecisions). What's sad about this statement is when I imagine how unbelievably awesome SL would be, were it different.
  11. Imnotgoing Sideways wrote: I really wish the lab would just publish a list of "Moderate" and "Adult" words... (=_=) I can tell you exactly why they don't - it's the same reason why the MPAA doesn't tell filmmakers why their film received an R or an NC-17 rating. If they don't tell you what triggered the decision, then they can't be accused of censorship. Yes, it's pretty fail logic, but that's what it is.
  12. I truly miss "Show Item in Search". Unlike RL (where I'm totally the opposite), in SL I like to shop in stores rather than look through a catalogue. I've considered setting up an online index of shops, I just don't know if I have the time or the temperament to maintain it.
  13. Aurelia Lionheart wrote: I also heared about bad scripted giftcards going round in SL, clearing out your balance once you open them.But I'm not sure that's true.. you still have to grand acces to take lindens from your account if you use a scripted item I think. But anyways seems like some bad seeds are taking advantage of SL residents at the moment If something is rezzed or worn that has the ability to withdraw funds from your account, you will receive a giant pop up on your screen warning you about this and giving you the option to allow it or deny it. Unless it's something from someone you know and trust, and/or something you requested that you know has this feature (such as a commission vendor that allows you to legitimately resell someone else's products), never click "Allow".
  14. Yep, that's what I would guess. And if that's the case, and you can track it down, I'd be contacting the authorities.
  15. 16 wrote: take a photo of the pink/purple boxes and put on her side of the prim wall. share the love and all that put some nice trees on your side (: It wouldn't matter. The offending person's builds are way up in the sky. Apparently some kind of "Party House". I'm here now, and this is horrible. This photo is from about 300m up.
  16. You might give Second Spaces - https://secondspaces.wordpress.com/ - a look, though.
  17. 16 wrote: take a photo of the pink/purple boxes and put on her side of the prim wall. share the love and all that put some nice trees on your side (: I wouldn't advise engaging in similar behaviour - hopefully enough people have read this and had a look for themselves and have submitted AR reports. I'm teleporting over later today to have a look for myself.
  18. I'm going to take a stab in the dark and say the Cliffs Notes version is: "Shrooms are awesome, brah."
  19. There really isn't a "definitive list" to speak of. Most of the 'prominent bloggers' that I am familar with are much more experience-oriented writers or fashion-oriented. Sorry I can't be of help.
  20. I'm eager to give this a test. Given that I'm at work, and I've not had a chance to read through all 11 pages of comments so far, I'm understanding that all items received into inventory - SLM items, transferred items, and items picked up from the grid - will all go into this folder? Why not call it "Marketplace Items", and have it only receive items delivered from the Marketplace? That's kind of what I understood this was for - Direct Delivery of SLM items.
  21. Free homesteads for regular contributors of consistenly high quality original content? Just throwing it out there.
  22. It's just one angry person's "Enemies List". I wouldn't get too excited over that.
  23. Have you actually read the language of the bill, and pondered the unintended consequences? Microsoft is against this bill now. That should tell you something.
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