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  1. I just visited and found out about the candles. What a lovely gesture!
  2. What a shock! I wish his loved ones much strength to deal with the loss . It must be a blow for all the people at the Lab too!
  3. Draw distance at 1024 will put a lot of strain on your computer, try reducing it when editing and see if that helps
  4. Please before you buy anything else, GET DEMOS! Take some time to try them out, try skins, shapes, clothing too.
  5. A mesh body is a wearable item, just likes clothes, that creates a layer over your default classic body. You need to buy one (or get one of the free ones), read the directions and just wear it like you would wear clothes. Using 'add' instead of 'wear' will prevent it from removing any other items. Most clothes are available for the most popular bodies, like Maitreya or Slink. Once you chose a body make sure the clothes are made for that. Important: get demos and play with them before you make a purchase!
  6. As with any viewer, opinions and use differ, depending on your machine, connection and preferences. You can install multiple viewers on your computer and try them out. Use what's best suited for your needs!
  7. According to the profile of the owner ( Onyx LeShelle) you need to contact Gryphon Ronas for questions. Another option is to join this group: Maitreya Lara Friends It doesn;t look like they're using Discord
  8. Simple advise if something happens that makes you uncomfortable in any way: Mute/block the avatars, Send abuse report if needed, move to another region, smile and forget about it. Have fun!
  9. Retiring? How is that possible, you're no older than 35ish? Thnx for all you did Oz and enjoy your retirement. Have fun!
  10. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fancy-Decor-Dutch-Stroopwafels/17163654
  11. Are you sure you're on Firestorm 6.4.12? A screenshot from your viewer will give us more info on what you see (or don't see)
  12. I don't think it's Land van Ooit (I still miss that park, so much fun!) It looks more like Efteling or maybe Archeon to me. But I could be mistaken!
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