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  1. I fondly remember the time when the whole grid would be offline for several hours due to server updates........
  2. Removed because Rolig already adressed it, I misread! Happy travels!
  3. All very good points! Another thing to check is where your body is attached to. If it's attached to a hud point (center or center2 for instance) Other people will not see it while you see it fine. You can check in Current Outfit folder to see the attachment point. Just to be clear: Avatar Center is fine, center or center 2 isn't
  4. It's up to the creator not to offer demos, but I wouldn't buy a skin without a demo unless it's priced 100L$ or lower
  5. Though I thought it was cute, as a non native English speaker it wasn't that easy to understand.
  6. Not scared for myself but I take care of my parents (both 87) and I'm scared to pick up the virus and contaminate them. I still do their grocery runs but keep contact to a minimum. Also my son is an engineer on one of the cruiseships that are still about, trying to get passengers home. No virus on their ship but it's uncertain where they can go.
  7. Don't give your alts acces to your L$, they're known to go on shopping sprees when you're not looking! Never trust an alt! 🤪 (just kidding)
  8. Maybe it's one of the old Linden Homes? What's the name of the region you're on?
  9. Better save your 500 L$ and start hunting for a better head/body. The one you have now can't be modified much as stated above. Get as much demos as you can and compare and test before making a decision!
  10. It's realy up to you to decide if remaining premium is worth it. For me personaly my tierfree 1024 plot and 300 L$ stipend makes it worthwhile. Also quiet sandboxes are great!
  11. I use a lot of male animations, just give them a try!
  12. I assume you mean https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_missing_inventory ? Did you check the SL viewer to see if your items show there? Link to download is also on that wiki page. If they do, follow step 2 on that page.
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