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  1. Relaxing before takinbg off on my broom...
  2. It's the creators themselves who decide what to make and how their clothes look. They also decide for what brand of mesh body they design clothes. If you're not happy with the current clothes on offer, learn to create yourself, that way you can make clothes exactly the way you like it and maybe even make some money selling them!
  3. Do both of you have enough L$ in your account? Partnering costs L$10 for both partners
  4. I'm 28 too! With 30 years experience at it!
  5. Oh my.... Too many to count! It's a work in progress, I change shape often, I have several skins in several tones and make-ups and change that too, depending on my mood. One thing I never change though: my face and body freckles!
  6. I prefer text for various reasons, some of them: I'm ususaly in the living room, people around me, tv on etc. I'm not interested in hearing how your dog is barking in the background, you're munching on your snacks, or your kids crying I'm not a native speaker and I hate my accent I do listen when needed, in meetings or to interviews though I don't like wearing headphones Text gives me some time to think about a reply, delete a remark or read the message when I have the time for it
  7. I don't mind hunting, I just HATE Linden Realms. I'm not a gamer, I hate running around to prevent being caught. I just want to move around a region in my own pace, camming around to find what I'm looking for
  8. Blegh I hate Linden Realms, I think I'll just skip this one
  9. Always work on a copy! If you mess up you'll still have the original item with all the default settings
  10. The problem with text chat is that it's just that: plain text. No tone of voice, no facial expression that can make people understand you were posting this in a lighthearted manner. To me this plain text sentence looks very rude and sarcastic. I'm part of the volunteer Firestorm support team (not a mod in the English group) and all of us try our best to help people along. unfortunatly there isn't a 24/7 coverage for support but apart from that there are a lot of very helpful and knowledgable people in the support groups that aren't part of the team. Usualy if someone is online that knows the answer, they'll just give it to you. Next time, please show a little more patience and just repeat your question again after a few minutes, people come and go all the time! Please remember that people can only read the words you post and that not everybody has English (or American) as their original language. Have fun!
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