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  1. Did you check your attachment point for the clothes? When they attach to a hud point clothes aren't visible for anyone exept yourself
  2. Anita61 Anatine


    There used to be a seperate Dutch forum, not linked to this one. It’s been gone for quite some time now. As far as I know there’s no general Dutch help but if you use Firestorm you can try Firestorm Support Nederlands groupchat. I’m not at home at the moment and not able to log in so can’t post a link. In Dutch/ Nederlands: Er was een apart Nederlands forum, dat niets te maken had met dit forum. Het bestaat al een tijd niet meer. voor zover ik weet is er geen algemene Nederlandse hulp groep of site maar als je Firestorm gebruikt kun je lid worden van Firestorm Support Ne
  3. I do the same, when I see something in a store that seems wrong I send the owner a friendly IM or notecard Asking them if they're aware
  4. I found them both, different avatar keys, so different accounts, made on the same day. One looks active, the other one is empty http://prntscr.com/u4cvpk
  5. Best ask in the product support group or the product creator. There's more then one hud and they all have different features and extras
  6. The fact you mentioned your AO could mean it's a lnown issue in viewer version 6.3.9. See https://wiki.firestormviewer.org/fs_ao_crash_639
  7. I was just wondering why you are wearing two collars 😉
  8. The biggest challenge is to keep it organised. Once you made a setup that works for you, you have put everything in the correct folder right away. Two days of shopping/trying demos without doing so and it's a mess al over again!
  9. Tetra has a Fifty Linden Friday top that includes Lara petite
  10. So nice to meet you all, I'm looking forward to the rest!
  11. You can send in a ticket or use livechat (when premium) through the usual channels on your dashboard: https://support.secondlife.com/?lang=en-US
  12. I fondly remember the time when the whole grid would be offline for several hours due to server updates........
  13. Removed because Rolig already adressed it, I misread! Happy travels!
  14. All very good points! Another thing to check is where your body is attached to. If it's attached to a hud point (center or center2 for instance) Other people will not see it while you see it fine. You can check in Current Outfit folder to see the attachment point. Just to be clear: Avatar Center is fine, center or center 2 isn't
  15. It's up to the creator not to offer demos, but I wouldn't buy a skin without a demo unless it's priced 100L$ or lower
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