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  1. Im havent been able to increase my breast size. I click on the restore button and nothing happens..i right click for touch and nothing happens. The only sucess I have had is making the chart numbers move and being able to have breasts on the demo breasts..and even then...my breasts look like attachments. I really need some help understanding the whole process. I will leave you a mesage on SL to see when you are free to chat with me online about the product if you dont mind.
  2. I had my mused breast for maybe a year..maybe a little less time but I havent had any luck being able to use the product. I find the directions difficult. The resize button hasnt worked. The breast dont increase or decrease. Recently, I have had some sucess in using the demo to increase my bust size but i cant find the demo anymore and I was going around with a Demo sign on me. The demo breasts seemed like attachments versus looking narural like other breasts that I have seen. I hope I can catch you online and hopefully you wouldnt mind helping me with using my product.
  3. i need help with my mused breast! please !
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