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  1. Welcome to our lovely mush Rod! Great to see you rolling up your sleeves and getting stuck in. All the best and hope it's a great adventure.
  2. I really appreciate this, i went the "confusing and unintuitive" route and this helps a lot, so thank you!!
  3. Thanks Jennifur, i was thinking that this new process must drive clothing makers nuts as i muddled around looking for something that allowed me to make NEW clothing or alpha layers rather than edit ones that already exist. I never found it and had to rely on a friend giving me an alpha layer to edit. Do you know if there's anything that allows you to make new clothing/skins etc rather than starting from something you already have?
  4. Yes i did that, but what came next was far from clear...and i"ve been doing this for a long time. If there is a new tutorial video about all the steps involved, i'd love to see it.
  5. Can anyone point me to a tutorial before i go bald? I've just been using Viewer2 to try make an alpha clothing layer for a new art installation. Watched Torley's video before i went in - http://vodpod.com/watch/3372389-april-fools-make-your-avatar-invisible-with-alpha-masks . It looked  simple until i logged in, right clicked my avatar as suggested..and found no "appearance" tab in the choices available. ( it's not there under the "me" tab in the top toolbar either) Is this video out of date already? I did eventually get something made after a lot of farting around in the Clothing tab on the right of the screen with help from L1Aura Loire but blimey...what a pain. So does anyone know if the standard access to appearance by right clicking the avatar is gone for good? I'm off to ungrit my teeth and get back to content-maker-friendly 1.23 and Imprudence. Thanks in advance to anyone who can help here.
  6. Hi Dobra, I've also been having that problem recently. Have found that if I click a second time, the info will show. Hope that helps, Maya.
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