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  1. My bf told me he is a vampire, he went through the ritual, and that he will be destroyed when the 1.5 L of vital blood he has left runs out because he doesn't like biting people and drinking blood. He was tricked into the bloodlines thing because he doesn't understand English well. Is there anything he can do to become normal and continue his life with me and not be destroyed?
  2. I have a bench which I was able to sit on. Now when I click Sit I get the error message "no room to sit here". I tried changing the bench and put another one with the same result. Can you tell me what is wrong?
  3. Ker Kanya


    Can anyone tell me whether I can upload my inventory photos to my hard disk please? I would like to put them into my SL Facebook profile.
  4. I've just seen the answers to a previous post and they have helped me. Thanks
  5. I've been bitten by a vampire. I agree it was my own fault for not reading the notecard properly. How do I revert this?
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