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  1. Torley, under "Social identities" what does it DO when I add my Twitter account? I don't understand why I needed to log into Twitter to add that.
  2. I'm very glad to see this. I've been in SL since 2008, and have always felt that LL had no interest in us. I hope this initiative really works. I think most of us residents are willing and have always been willing to do our part, but LL has carefully maintained a distance from us. Of course, in our considerations, we always separated individual Lindens from the corporation itself, and we understand that it's been a very hard year for you Lindens. I think we could have made that time a little easier to bear, if you had only let us be a part of it. Thanks for trying to start something. I also hope that you won't depend on Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with us. I'm busy enough already without those two. Second Life is a good medium in itself; you have websites and blogs galore.
  3. Thanks for showing us what you've been up to. I'm glad your first post is about Second Life itself... you doing stuff, trying stuff. I hope you'll keep talking to us. It's much appreciated!
  4. Is Ron ever going to say hello?
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