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  1. I need help..start before maybe 2 weeks now, I checked to get offline IM on my email, and when I answer trough my email person get , but this stop before 2 weeks. Person who send me IM get blank my answer just some links...also I get on my email that something is wrong with settings . I was again update my email yesterday.. I try send trough email messige in SL - again same ting...blank messige ....
  2. Hello I need help please....one person harass me and other people in SL as I heard from them, that we have alts....she is so rude, and attack me and others. Well I block she , and after a while unblock, when she see me - start attack again. I put what she say to me in notecard, but I dont know where to report she ? ty in front for answer
  3. I dont understand...i put in my Visa card money and try to buy L, like a years here...but - cannot. I have IE, i dont want to Opera or Firefox. I even put here my paypal acc, try and nothing. What s wrong???? Ok I download and use now Google Chrome, try buy again L & , and stil : There was a problem charging your payment method. I use Visa like all time here when I buy. I dont know what else to try, i need L here in game, i have money on acc card, i have internet banking i see....this is 3 days still i cannot put money here in game. Please help
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