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  1. All Gorean sims are of two varieties: By the Book Gor and Gor Evolved. In Gor Evolved sms, women may carry bows and scimitars, and generally fight on an even footing with men. Most outlaw, merc and pirate groups are Gor Evolved. Many panthers groups are too. I dont know why no one has bothered to mention this very BASIC fact about Gor sims to date, but if you wanna fight as a free woman, Gor Evolved is the place to go.
  2. Yes, it's a raider's sim but in the interest of fairness fairness, I need to point out that the tavern itself is in a roleplay only area. Even has it's own separate entrance. You cannot get attacked in the tavern.
  3. I have participated in many raids that had 50-60 people on sim (counting both raiders and raidees). The largest I ever participated in was 71 people. That's one raid on one sim in GE Gor -- many more people than are generally found in sims in SL Gor, but hell ... there are a LOT of us. there was once an estimate of 50 to 60,000 Gorean roleplayers in Second LIfe, though that number is widely challenged because, hey, alts. Still -- huge RP group, no doubt about it.
  4. I just want everyone to know that I did not brainwash creamy into playing the role of a Gorean slavegirl and paga **bleep**. Her brain is just as filthy as it ever was!
  5. I changed the name to "The Smiling Slavegirl" to avoidthe bleepery. I know I have a long row to hoe to convince people that SL Gor is the best thing EVAH! in roleplay games, but good things take patience sometimes.
  6. I will grant you that the word **bleep** is a pejorative. And I'm not upset that it's being bleeped, I think it's funny. i see the censorship as creating more problems that it solves. For example, what if feminists here wanted to discuss the topic of **bleep**-shaming and how wrong it is, as they often do on Jezebel and other feminist boards? They would have to discuss "bleep-shaming" instead. It's not a problem for me, in fact, makes me think I should rename my tavern as the name might be a barrier for some.
  7. I said "dirty" not "derogatory." If we are going to be censoring all derogatory words, the list of words not speakable in public is going to get rather long.
  8. Um, the word bleeoed out of the title is spelled: Ess EL You Tee Had no idea it was a dirty word!
  9. Hi I'm Tarsus Taurus, tavern keeper of the Smiling **bleep** Tavern in Acacia Village, home of the Blood Rebel Mercs. Reading other threads about Gor, you may be forgiven if you have the impression that Gor is an unending rapefest where new players, most especially new female players, are forced to have their avatar play the game naked and have explicit bondage sex with any player on demand, give out their home phone numbers and credit card numbers, perform naked on a webcam and become a slave to some neck-bearded guy named Darren who lives in his mother's basement and has no job, social skill
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