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  1. it hasnt anything ot do with premium accounts, my main avi it does not happen with, only my other avi it is happening to....so why hasn't anyone replied with an answer or what to do here, is this not what this is for to get help? if not where do we go to, to get help in resolving this, we arent going to want to keep spending money on items that wont be delivered etc....
  2. it has been happening to me also, but only on another avi...and it isnt because of capped messages because one would still have it in thier inventory, I have bought items while off SL from marketplace, and I havent recieved the items when I logged on and that was 2 days ago, but only on that avi. Marketplace invoice says items were delivered so that was not the problem. Even a MM board prize I did not recieve on that avi, but my other avi I did recieve it from the same MM board.
  3. Well I went to the 'hippo sight, unsubscribed all groups from here, H%^%n's Fan Club was not one of them so it must be Subscribomatic....I left her an IM and sent her a n/c I guess my next step will be ARing her...i've been polite about it i'm just tired of getting extra junk i dont want or need in my email. or in world. Thanks for the replies all
  4. Griffin Ceawlin wrote: After going through my browser history, I found it was hippoGROUPS, not Subscribe-O-Matic, that allows you to manage your subbed groups. Here's the URL: http://www.hippo-tech-sl.com/myhippogroups/ If it's S-O-M, have a look at this thread: https://blogs.secondlife.com/message/66523#66523. Sounds like group management was in the works.. Oh thank you, I will check it out! ^^
  5. The only url that came with it was from the url that she sent with it to where she is 'performing' at 5pm I went there and saw one for that club, clicked it in case though lol that subscribo manage thing would be great to know about if there is one
  6. How do I leave a subscribe group of someones 'Fan Club'? I do not remember ever joining it, if I did it was purely accidental, I contacted the 'person' to ask to be removed from her fan club, she didn't answer me and so I took one of the zillions of TP's/LM's to find her and ask her in local to remove me....she got all snotty with me, and yes I was being bitchy too, because everytime I logged in I was getting spam from her fan club, so anyways I need to know how I can 'unsubscribe' from this thing, she told me to 'just click it' I asked 'click what?' she never replied, so after a few words from the other people standing there I muted her as she wouldnt answer me...(this was last september) I hadnt been getting them in world, and I had my email notifications shut off until recently as I need to have them on now, and since then I get her spam in my emails! >.< so is there anythig that I can do without having to talk to her directly? lol
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