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  1. ya those are a bit to pointy as another pair i tried was like that and looks rly weird on my avatar but i did finally find a pair, wasnt exactly same look but it works I actually bought those but picture of them is mis leading as they look pretty good but when u put them on the inside of boot does not have the circle loop thing at all which urked me but i finally found a pair that wasnt exact but close enough that im happy with for now till something better comes along hopefully.
  2. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/AD-Clothing-Shoes-Denver-Ebony/12960085 even has a demo verison, looks promising so ya thank u guys alot, i think this mystery is solved and will be sure and relay this info to other friends really appreciate all the help
  3. Alright i already have to report back, i am finding lots of goodies with the new search terms....i wish i would of thought about that before hand before dropping 1k linden total so far on ones i probably wont wear so its looking promising
  4. i didnt even think about that, good call. I did buy some others last night and some were def bad but eh, when no demo is involved its a risk but ill def search with that term instead and see. Ya the boots i have in RL i know they dont list them with there real name in sl, most ive seen is them labeled as biker boots but i appreciate the idea for searches as i feel pretty confident will find a good pair. Ya thats sl in a nut shell on clothes and ya the quality was best ive seen for them boots compared to others and look legit like almost exactly like my RL
  5. Yup tried both, wasnt much difference between the 2 but i used the shorter one and still had issue.
  6. Ya those def do what i want its just they dont have that circle on side like the other boots but i might just buy those and use as they aint bad.
  7. Man those are so close to what i want him to do with current ones its just they lack the quality of ones i got, but those are def the style i want and would love to find that kinda version without a top part to wear.
  8. Wait so the creator could not even be on sl and they still sell there stuff ? Never knew that lol and ya its not a big deal its just im OCD on that stuff and they look so good and was hoping for a way to fix them but ya it was only like 400 linden so not a big deal rly but i appreciate u looking though, hopefully he replies as of right now he has not.
  9. Hey guys and gals, simple question i got, i bought a pair of Harness boots which i also wear in RL and was first pair in sl i saw that had good quality and was no demo for them so i took a chance and unfortunately dont fit quite right as i can shrink them down to not stick through upper part of pants but then my feets look to small lol. I sent creator a message asking would it be possible to resize the upper part maybe or even if more simple just cut off the upper half completely which im honestly surprised isnt a common option with boots in sl as it would make things so easier if could hide t
  10. Ya that sadly didnt provide much info on fixing issue, ive seen several topics for this problem and we tried em all and she tried talking with LL but she said they told her she needs to be a paid subscriber or have some one who is to do the w/e is needed to get it looked at and fixed....but ya, thanks for info anyway though, appreciate it.
  11. hey guys and gals, my friend is experincing a glitch where she cant accept a partnership from me or vice versa, i tried parterning a second avi to just test it wasnt me and i partnered them fine, she has tried all the fixes online from different browsers, viewers, just everything. So im curious if anyone else knows any other fix and we our currently gonna try the display name removal fix to see if that works but she aint online right now so figure i get some more info while waiting, if anyone has any info or anything we would muchly appreciate it, and im sorry if this is posted in wrong sectio
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