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  1. "I personally think LL is doing a fantastic job, and whether you are stuck in the past, or look to the future, LL's are addressing issues for all of us at both ends of the scale."

    You're kidding right?  Then why do I and several others still receive DNS errors upon logging in for any viewer newer than 2.4, including V.3?  And why has this issue not been responded to or even acknowledged in JIRA at all for almost 6 months?


  2. "This would be AWESOME news!  Except I can't log in with any viewers other than  V1 based ones and Firestorm.  I get a DNS failure error message and none of the posts in Answers are working for me.  I've got my fingers crossed that 3.0 will work (eventhough the BETA version did not), but I'm not holding my breath.  Can anyone help me with this issue?  "


    I've had exactly this same problem and have long ago given up getting any help with it.  I've submitted several reports to JIRA and then had my knuckles wrapped for having done so.  It seems to depend on your system as my low-end laptop runs 2.8 and better, but my higher end desktop is stuck at 2.7.   My only suggestion is Phoenix and Firestorm and quite frankly the idea of going back to LL viewers makes me shudder anyway.  I'll give v3  a try, but like you my faith is so low that I'm not sure the effort is going to be worth it.

  3. Seems other are at least able to login with 2.5 ... not me!

    In fact, I wasn't even given the option to upgrade -- a freakin' DOS window opens, the upgrade starts, I'm asked whether to allow to connect, I say no repeatedly, the upgrade proceeds anyway.

    Now I'm left with a viewer that says it can't resolve the host name, and no access.

    So, I uninstall the viewer, re-install 2.4, and guess what?  Forced to upgrade again.  Same result.

    Lovely.  Thank you very much.

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